Custom Built Scooter: Keep Up with the Trend in a Unique Way

Transportation is a daunting task of everyday life, but in these pandemic times, when social distancing is important for preventing the coronavirus spread, many of us are looking for safe methods of travel. So, it’s not surprising at all to see that scooters are coming back stronger and more popular than ever.

If you thought the only purpose of scooters is giving kids the chance for outdoor fun, you were wrong. Scooters for adults are a fun, cool and easy alternative to reduce dependency on gas stations and help you get from point A to point B without facing any traffic congestion, for daily commute or sport and leisure.

Scooters are made of different components put together and each of them has something unique to offer. Adult and commute scooters are designed to be comfortable as a means of transport for longer distances and most of them have large wheels for a smoother ride, adjustable handlebars and a folding mechanism.

Pro scooters, on the other hand, are designed for riders to use in the skateparks for performing tricks but can be used for transport purposes as well, so you could easily get to school, work or elsewhere. But if you want something a little extra and unique, you can opt for a custom scooter. They are the trendiest option these days, entirely built from individually selected aftermarket parts. These parts are generally stronger, more durable and lighter than those used on standard scooters.

Which Parts Do You Need to Build a Custom Pro Scooter?

blue pre-built scooter

Building your scooter is a challenging experience as you need to make sure all the parts are compatible and will work perfectly with each other. If you want something that stands out without worrying about the parts, their quality and compatibility, you can opt for a pre-built custom scooter that comes equipped with all of the essential components.

Scooters are cool and fun and can be used by anyone, regardless of age and gender. They are fast and reliable, but more importantly, getting a scooter means choosing an environmentally friendly option for your daily transportation needs. Your scooter can help you get more active and maintain your healthy lifestyle as well.

If you’re new to the trend, building your own scooter may seem overwhelming, but it gets easier as you get to know the parts and how they work. Custom scooters are very popular with intermediate and advanced riders, but don’t let this discourage you. To help you make the most of it, here are some of the basic things you need to know about different scooter parts.


designed scooter deck

This is the part of the scooter that you stand on and its height is very important for the comfort of your ride. A low deck increases stability and helps you ride in a more relaxed way. Consider width and length as well and whether you prefer a boxed-end deck or not. It’s important to ensure your deck has enough space to make you feel comfortable when placing your feet on it. A wider deck provides more balance, while a skinnier deck is lighter and can provide you with more space for a kick. Usually, the deck size is proportional to wheel size.

Consider the overall height of your scooter as well, the measurement from the ground to the top of the bars. Most riders prefer the bars to be around the waist to belly button height.


black and colorful scooter wheels

The quality and size of the wheels are very important for your scooter riding experience. Small wheels are lightweight, easier to speed up and slow down and have a smaller turning radius, while larger wheels are the best option if you need to overcome some rough roads on your way. To ensure a safe ride, you need durable wheels that will let you enjoy your scooter rides more. Moreover, it’s a well-worth investment as you won’t have to spend some extra money on maintenance and repairs.


black and blue scooter forks

The fork is the part of the scooter that holds the bars, allowing you to turn and hold the wheel.


scooter with handlebars

When it comes to handlebars, there are three things to consider – width, height, backsweep and material. The bars help you steer your scooter, so keep in mind that the fork and bars need to be compatible.


scooter headsets

Bearings and spacers can help the bars spin smoothly. Typically, they come in common sizes and are compatible across brands and fit most decks.

Clamp and/or Compression System

designed clamp and compression system for scooters

They secure the bars to the fork and the most widely used systems are ICS, SCS and HIC. Before making a purchase, consider the outside diameter of the bars as oversized clamps require an oversized bar.


blue scooter grips

The grips are the soft rubber things riders hold onto. They slide on to the bars and when choosing your grips, make sure to consider their length, softness and thickness.


designed black and white scooter griptape

Griptape stands for the sandpaper-like material that adheres to the deck and keeps you from sliding off of it. When selecting a griptape, consider length, width, design and colour.

Make Safety Your Top Priority

black safety scooter equipment

Ensure safety while riding your scooter by getting the proper equipment, including a helmet, knee and elbow pads, ankle and shin guards, hip protectors, gloves and more.

And keep in mind that a small amount of maintenance can take you a long way, so tightening of clamp bolts and axles as well as cleaning and lubricating bearings, will prevent wear and breakage to your scooter components and take you safely to your destination.