Some Cute Ideas for Styling an Army Jacket

Army jackets are a quintessential piece of clothing that just never goes out of style. Everyone needs an army jacket in their wardrobe, it’s practically a fashion rule. These jackets are incredibly versatile and practical clothing pieces to have. Plus, who doesn’t love a look that lets you channel your inner 90s grunge?

But it can be hard to know how to properly style this type of jacket. After all, there are so many ways you can wear one – over a dress, over a shirt, with rips and holes or none at all – the possibilities are endless!

So, if you’re considering buying an army jacket but don’t know what to wear with it, wonder no more. Doing a little research will give you numerous great ideas and style alternatives. Moreover, now it’s the perfect season to discover all the ways the rugged army jackets can be styled for diverse occasions.

But First and Foremost, Pick the Right Size


The classic army jacket is constructed with two layers of thick cotton. One is a coarse outer shell and the other a soft inner lining, and between these two layers is a layer of cotton padding that prevents the coarse shell from scratching and irritating the skin.

The inside of the jacket is usually lined with an additional layer of material to prevent tear, especially on those areas where it rubs against the body. For instance, the collar lining is usually thicker and sturdier than most parts of the jacket.

So, to make sure that your army jacket will fit you perfectly, you must first measure your shoulders and waist. This will help you in picking the right size as it will ensure that it fits you comfortably without any strain or pressure on your body. And for that reason, the rule of thumb in buying an army jacket is that it should be slightly oversized than the jacket that you normally wear since you might wear thicker clothing underneath and you still want to be comfortable. If it’s too tight, it will chafe your arms and shoulders as you move.

The ‘Boyfriend’ Way of Wearing An Army Jacket

The idea of the ‘boyfriend’ style is to wear an oversized army jacket with the sleeves cuffed to show a little bit of wrist. The length of the hem should be extended and you should wear the jacket open with just a plain old T-shirt underneath. To complete the look, match some baggy pants to your jacket, and use a belt that accentuates your waist.


This look is great for casual days when you want to stay comfortable but still look good and stylish. It’s also great for parties, whether you’re going dancing or are attending a house party where you just want to relax in style.

You can really make this look work by choosing an army green or khaki colour for the rest of your outfit. You can also make it work by wearing some bright colours like yellow or even red so that you stand out from the crowd. You can even throw on some combat boots to make your outfit look extra tough and badass.

The Layered Way of Wearing An Army Jacket

Now, the layered way of wearing an army jacket is to layer all the pieces of clothing you’re planning on wearing under it and then put on the jacket itself.

The layered way of styling military jackets is very simple: you wear a tank top underneath your jacket, and this is what gives you that extra bit of warmth. Then put on a shirt or flannel, and then you put on the jacket and adjust it so that it fits perfectly on you. You want to be able to move around freely without being restricted by the jacket. You will look great if you have your sleeves rolled up showing your tank top, but make sure the cuffs of your sleeve don’t stick out of your jacket.

When choosing under layers, the first thing to remember is what type of top you are wearing underneath the army jacket. You have to make sure that the underlayer will not overwhelm your outfit. It should not make your upper body look too bulky. The way that you can do this is by choosing an undershirt with a darker colour than your top layer so that it does not stand out too much.

Mix with Patterns: Floral, Stripes, Denim


Mixing patterns is the easiest way to make an army jacket outfit more interesting. Fashion designers are always thinking of new styles that go together, but you don’t need to be a designer to experiment with mixing patterns.

For example, larger floral patterns pair well with stripes or denim, but they need to be balanced by something else that has a strong horizontal pattern, like a broad belt or a solid-coloured blouse or scarf. On the other hand, tiny floral patterns are perfect with denim pants and military jackets, because they look like the textures in those fabrics. Pair that outfit with some nice, leather gloves if it’s chilly outside and you’ll have the perfect mix of patterns that actually go well together!

To Sum Up

Army jackets are some of the most versatile articles of clothing you can own, and as such, there are an endless number of ways to style them. They can be dressed up, dressed down, layered under or over almost anything in your closet—the possibilities are endless.

It’s an iconic piece of outerwear that has survived the test of time and is probably here to stay. Hopefully, you’ve noticed a few ways to incorporate this staple into your everyday wardrobe. And if you don’t have one already, it’s never too late to invest in a wardrobe staple that will provide you with countless options—while taking up only one small spot in your closet.