Decorate with Intention: Tips to Give Your Living Room a Fresh Look

Homeware manufacturers offer so many stunning things that it can be hard to choose what belongs in your home. And when you are trying to freshen up your living room, it’s even harder to decide where to start from and how to go about it. While your living room is the best place to show off your style and your personality, it’s also the room that should be the epitome of comfort.

sofa for living room with armchair coffee table and artwork


Comfort & Relaxation

Whether you are renovating or freshening up, furniture pieces are always the hardest to choose. This is because many things depend on them. Being the biggest items in your living room, sofas will have a great influence on the design style of your home. So, you need to worry about their style, their design, their colour, their tone, their texture and so on, and so on. Because their style is going to determine the overall style of the room.

However, when it comes to our homes, comfort is everything. Our homes are our sanctuaries. The safest place on earth. The place where we can be completely relaxed and unwind after a long day. When looking for the perfect modern sofas for your living room, it’s much easier to tell if you like how they look, than it is to say whether they will be comfortable enough to spend hours on end on them. But the way a sofa feels when you sit on it isn’t the only thing that determines whether it’s really comfortable or not.

When we talk about comfort, we also think about how easy it is to maintain it, how easy it is to clean it, how easy it is to match it with the other things in the living room, etc. To make sure you are getting the comfort you want, in all the senses of the word, make sure you learn as much as you can about the quality of the materials and the fabrics, about their maintenance, how the fabrics feel to the touch, how durable they are etc.

For even more comfort in your living room, you can add more seating options, aside from the modern sofas, or the nice chairs (if your dining table is in your living room). For instance, you can invest in a nice comfy stylish armchair or an ottoman, not only because they look classy and will enhance the style, or because your guests would appreciate it, but also because it will give you more options for sitting, reading, watching series, and enjoying the beauty of your own home.

beige sofa bed for living room with ottoman and white thorw on it and a magazine


Comfort & Aesthetics

Art is powerful. Not only can it elevate your space and make it classier and more sophisticated, but it can also affect the overall vibe of the place. By hanging beautiful artworks, you can add serenity, harmony and beauty to the space, or you can add drama, darkness, and loudness. Art simply gives you a great opportunity to set an ambience in your place. And, aesthetics also matter when it comes to comfort.

So, investing in art prints, posters, paintings, murals, or even stylish wallpapers is one of the best, and also one of the easiest ways to make your living room cosier. This is because the way things look has a big impact on our state of mind, and when we are satisfied by the aesthetics of our surroundings, we are more likely to feel calm, and then we are more likely to feel comfortable.

Of course, finding the right artworks isn’t the easiest task for everyone, but there are many ways to find something that will match your living room, and more importantly elevate the overall interior design. This is why if you want to freshen up your living room, you should buy a nice artwork print as a gift for yourself. Art prints are a very popular way to bring art into a room not only because they aren’t overly expensive, but also because they offer many options and are very easy to decorate with.

You can use an artwork print to add more colour or to tie other things together, you can use it to make a focal point on the wall in your living room. When it comes to the design of your living room, art prints are perfect because they can do a lot and they are affordable. And when it comes to comfort, relaxation and calmness, art can certainly be a great way to promote it.

wall art poster canvas framed sunlight mountains abstract


Comfort & Atmosphere

While feeling physically relaxed, cosy, and pain-free, are the first things we imagine when we talk about comfort, the truth is that it depends on many other things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with how relaxed your body feels. It can also depend more than anything on the appearance of our surroundings and the atmosphere of the space. Obviously, what our eyes see affects our level of comfort. And aside from the style of your furniture, as well as the aesthetics of your wall artworks, another thing that will have a great influence on how good your room will look and feel to you is your home lighting.

Well-chosen lighting can change the appearance of your room entirely. It can have an influence on the colours, the games of light and shadows can add even more artistic beauty, the light fittings themselves can add a lot to the decor. In other words, one way to freshen up your living room, and make it more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable is to invest in stunning stylish home lighting and then place it strategically throughout your room.

Light fittings come in an incredible range of styles, designs, shapes, sizes, etc. You can use them to add more interest or as statement pieces. You can even find unique lighting fixtures which you can treat as an art piece. You can play with the positioning, you can play with the number of lighting elements etc.

Furthermore, there are many different types of lighting fittings you can choose from. Whether you choose pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling lights, recessed lighting, freestanding lamps, table lamps, fans, etc. they can all find their place in a living room. Many people choose to use a combination of light fittings, not only to enhance the style of the room, but also because that way they can have more control over the light in their home.