Decorating Café Tricks: Turn to Commercial Planter Pots for a Quick Fix

To stand out in an already over-crowded industry, your cafe needs to provide not only high-quality drinks and service but also a calm, relaxing environment for ultimate customer satisfaction. One way to spruce things up is to add commercial planter pots to your indoor and outdoor space. Simply put, plants are living elements – movable, growing, and ever-changing. Additionally, plants can change the ambience, add colour, enhance the design – all that without interfering with other design elements and staying easy on the eyes. With that in mind, let’s go through the benefits and uses of plants in your cafe.


One of the ways plants can beautify a cafe is when used as a frame for the purpose of drawing attention to an object or destination. For instance, you can use two identical plants to frame your door and make your cafe even more inviting and noticeable. Another frame-like design is to draw the attention to your windows by using planter pots to outline your windows and your outdoor area.


Probably the most noticeable advantage of plants is their ability to make a place more vivid and colourful by adding a splash of green. But in order to make sure your plants stay green, you need to water them regularly and as simple as this sounds, it takes time and a far less busy mind (yes, even your staff has a lot to do and they may keep forgetting to water the plants as well). This is why investing in self-watering commercial plant pots, as opposed to conventional ones, can make a huge difference. All you need to do is fill the reservoir with water and forget about it for the next 7 – 10 days. These commercial planter pots feature a system that lets the plant take exactly the needed amount of water every day, which means shorter daily to-do lists and longer living plants. What’s more, these planter pots make sure that all nutrients remain in the soil since the water doesn’t drain through it as it is the case with conventional pots.

Next, we have the environmental and health benefits of plants. Plants remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air, and it is estimated that some of them can succeed to do that within 24 hours. They have also been shown to reduce the levels of carbon monoxide from indoor air by nearly 90 %. Furthermore, potted plants can stabilize humidity levels and the temperature, thus creating healthy and comfy space.

Finally, next time you sit in a loud cafe, ask yourself why do you need to yell in order to be heard? Most cafes feature hard surfaces alone – walls, floors, windows, furniture – without paying attention to the sound being bounced back and forth. However, each public place is in need of a sound muffler, and plants are the ideal solution. They have been proved effective when it comes to absorbing sound at higher frequencies, especially in spaces with little upholstery or cloth. So, besides making the place look nicer, plants additionally make the place less noisy