Details to Consider When Designing a Fine Dining Restaurant

You are about to open a restaurant and you want it to be a unique place people will want to revisit. Well, although all restaurants are different from one other, all fine dining places share a few common characteristics: exceptional service, perfect execution and attention to details. When people eat out, their good review is not based on food only. The restaurant’s interior also plays a crucial role in the whole dining experience. So, creating an inviting atmosphere is crucial. In light of that, here’s what you need to consider.

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Details Make a Difference – Invest in Them

Details go way beyond lighting, wall colour and music. What you need to do is add decorative bowls, trinket boxes, impressive floral arrangements and unique pots with lovely plants. This way, you can ensure that your restaurant’s design will be more likely to become a must-photograph and must-visit location. While in the past, restaurants used to include more formal types of decor, today’s diners are a lot livelier and more versatile. Also, the most popular ones heavily rely on indoor planters as a number one way to decorate the space.

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If you decide to go this route with the décor, you need to know that the planters you choose play a vital role. Since you are going to buy wholesale plant pots it’s important to determine the right shape and size that will suit the space and all plants you plan on including. Plants need to be in a container that has enough room for growth, but also, they shouldn’t be too big.

Shape-wise, you can choose different ones from the range of wholesale plant pots including, round, rectangular and square. Also, depending on the style of your restaurant and where you want to place your unique plant pots, you can choose between the stand-alone or wall hanging option. Regardless of which type of planters you choose, adding greenery to your space is a wise decision. According to research, the presence of vegetation in an urban setting positively influences people’s mood. And you want your customers to feel comfortable and happy in your restaurant, right?

Hire Exceptional Servers

Another common characteristic of fine restaurants is that they all have exceptional servers. They always know to explain the entire menu without even taking look at any notes. It is very important to have a few charismatic people on your time that can make people laugh in an appropriate way. Apart from having extensive knowledge regarding the food menu, you need people who are also good with suggesting things from the bar menu – from the most creative craft cocktails to the newest wines.

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If you want to ensure your restaurant will be a fine dining place, a place that people will enjoy coming back to, make sure you look for waitstaff whose knowledge and experience extend beyond the menu to the restaurant business itself. Guest experience is paramount, so there this is not a place for beginners. Remember that people are paying for more than just the food – they seek a pleasurable and different experience. Some of the common services in fine dining restaurants include holding the chair for women, new wine is never poured in the same glass and the silverware is entirely replaced between courses. Everything must be in perfect order and that is why you need an experienced waitstaff for your restaurant.

Keep Track of Trends

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A good chef or dining manager is one that always keep up with current food trends and incorporates them into the menu in unique ways. Also, they can easily recognize when a certain food trend turns into a food fad. In such case, they unfollow it and start looking for new trends in the kitchen, or more often than not, they are the ones who start them. Today, there are restaurants where you can have the chef prepare your dish right at your table. This gives the guest a unique and memorable experience and a chance to pull out their phones for a quick video and share it with their friends. With other words, fine restaurants know how to social media for promotion.