Diamond Tennis Bracelets: The Ultimate Gift for Your Special Someone

Jewellery is one of the most essential fashion accessories every woman should own. Whether you’re just figuring out your fashion sense in your youth or you want to stay on top of your style game in your 50s, jewellery is one of the main things to help you achieve both scenarios. For those times when you want to wear something eye-catching yet classy and stylish, you should treat yourself with at least one tennis bracelet.

This must-have fine jewellery is unique and promises to add glamour to your look. The diamond wrist accessory is made from flexible gems (diamonds in particular) featuring several similar attachments. Said in simple words, these bracelets have flexible links and have the same matching gems. This one-of-a-kind wrist adornment is elegant, eye-catching and glittery, perfect for elevating the style of any of your outfits.

Appearance and Name Origin

This piece of jewellery was popular for a long time, but it became mainly popular during the 1920s and 1930s. In the beginning, this wrist jewellery was known as an eternity bracelet which means a piece of circular jewellery that features lots of diamonds or other gemstones. It was in the ‘70s when the term eternity was changed with tennis and until now, they are known under this name. Even though in the past these bracelets were mainly worn during formal events, over the years, this conception has changed. Nowadays, women match these pieces of jewellery almost with any kind of outfit, even with relaxed and more casual.

But to be honest, the bracelet lived its glorious moments after the US Open match in 1978 when the tennis player Chris Evert lost her tennis bracelet during the game, so the game had to be stopped to find it. From that moment, this bracelet became one of the most popular jewellery pieces that contains diamonds. An interesting thing about these bracelets is that nowadays, they are considered unisex, however, keep in mind that the masculine version of these bracelets contains much larger diamonds in size than the feminine version.

Types of Styles

These days, the market is overwhelmed with this piece of jewellery, so finding eye-catching tennis bracelets for sale that will match your taste isn’t that difficult.


source: withclarity.com

This is one of the most popular bracelet styles ever. It features gemstones that are separated by links in a swirl pattern. These tennis bracelets for sale are the most common choice by women because of their elegance and sophistication. It doesn’t feel heavy on the wrist and can be worn for casual or formal occasions.


These jewellery pieces are considered gorgeous and symbolic, symbolising infinite love. This makes them the perfect gift for a loved one, especially for a special occasion. It adds some sparkle to any outfit, making it perfect for both day and evening wear. Plus, it’s versatile and can be paired with other jewellery pieces, such as a matching infinity necklace or earrings.


source: gregoryjewellers.com.au

These wrist adornments are quite similar to the classic ones. They are sophisticated and traditional, perfect for those of you who like simple things. This bracelet features gemstones placed side by side in a continuous line. Naturally, it brings a more delicate and refined look, so it’s more than suitable for formal events or special occasions.


As the name suggests, these bracelets feature S-shaped links in between the gemstones. These links add charm to the bracelet’s design, making it look luxurious and dazzling. It feels more comfortable on the wrist due to the flexibility of the links. It’s a great choice for those who want to add some uniqueness to their jewellery collection.


These jewellery pieces feature stationary gemstones which are set in intervals with several smaller and larger gemstones in between the station gemstones. This gemstone appearance certainly makes them look more unique. Of course, their design also brings more weight to the bracelet which makes it perfect for a classic, elegant look.


source: gregoryjewellers.com.au

You can assume that these bracelets feature multiple rows of gemstones instead of one. This makes them perfect for those of you who aren’t afraid to wear bold and sparkly things. Given the versatile and stunning design, you can wear these pieces to any event, be it casual or formal.

Why Are Tennis Bracelets So Expensive?

Well, given the fact that they are mainly made from diamonds, this explains their higher price tag. All diamonds used in these bracelets must be of the same weight, colour and clarity, and finding such is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and examination to select them and arrange them in the needed look, and this is just another reason for their higher price.

Sizing and Care

Given the fact that you should feel comfortable when wearing the bracelet, you should look for one that sits just perfectly, not too loose or too tight. The general rule for finding the right fit is to be able to fit one finger between the bracelet and wrist.
Ideally, you should wear the bracelet on your non-dominant hand to prevent wear and tear. You should also store it separately from other jewellery pieces to prolong its life and prevent decolouration. To clean it, you should wash your bracelet in a small bowl of warm soapy water or soak it in a special cleaning solution. To remove any remaining dirt, use a soft bristle brush and gently brush the bracelet.

This will help the metal and diamonds retain their colour, beauty and sparkle. In case you don’t want to use a brush, you can always invest in an ultrasonic cleaner because this cleaner can remove even the tiniest dirt on your bracelet. You can always take it to a jewellery store for a professional and more thorough cleaning.