Different Alcohol Essences for Flavouring Spirits

The main role of alcohol essences is to give flavour to alcohol. With just a few simple steps you can create a top-notch alcoholic beverage out of an ordinary bottle of spirit. Alcohol essences are affordable and have the power to convert regular alcohol into a liquor that entices your taste buds.

Take Ordinary Vodka to the Next Level with Vodka Essence

Thanks to the great variety of amazing vodka essences, you can transform a cheap bottle of vodka into a top-shelf one. Top-notch vodka essences give a subtle flavour and smoothness that can be found in premium vodka only. And they are super simple to use. All you need to do is shake the bottle of vodka essence good before using it and pour it in the alcohol.

Vodka distilling has never been easier. You only need to pay attention to the dosage. If you want to achieve an intense flavour, you can pour the essence in a smaller amount of alcohol than recommended. Another great thing about these concentrates is that vodka essences come in various flavours.

You want Russian Czar vodka? Done! You can get the Terry O’Brien’s Grand Czsar essences and transform your homebrewed spirit into the most velvety cutting edge vodka you’ve ever tasted. A 50ml bottle of essence is enough for 4.5l of vodka. You also have the Essencia Canard Grey Goose style vodka. The thing with this essence is that you need to leave the bottle to sit for at least one week before you start drinking it if you want its full and original flavour. In the end, it will be totally worth it!

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If you’re more into sweet flavours, you can try the vanilla essence which gives the vodka an intensely rich and polished vanilla flavour with subtle hints of butterscotch and chocolate without spending more than a few dollars. This type of flavoured vodka would be perfect for cocktails. You also have the caramel essence which gives a smooth caramel flavour to the vodka and a wide range of fruity flavours.

The raspberry essence has a very intense flavour of fresh and sweet raspberries. You can make cocktails with it or shots. A good combo is the raspberry vodka and coca-cola. The peach essence is just as good and gives a mellow peach flavour. The same goes for the passionfruit essence. Whichever you decide to buy know that they’ll make for the best vodka and vodka cocktail you’ve ever had.

The Ultimate Gin Essence for Every Gin Lover

Gin essences are perfect for a neutral spirit or moonshine alcohol. They can create just the right flavour of a classic bottle of dry gin. You can sense the juniper flavour and the well-known gin aroma. You can even add the gin essence into a cheap vodka and still get the distinguished dry gin flavour that all gin lovers adore. In order to get the flavour right, it’s recommended to taste the booze. The “recipe” is 50ml of essence and 750ml of alcohol but you can add more or less according to your wishes.

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If on another hand you want to create something more than a classic bottle of gin you can try the pink gin essence and create the famous pink gin with wildberry flavour. I would be the perfect addition to a warm summer night and the perfect addition to gin cocktails. Just imagine the fruity taste of the gin mixed with tonic and the sound of the ice cubes hitting the glass along with a handful of different small diced fruits. The essence would also be a perfect gift for a liqueur enthusiast.

Why Not Create A Good Bottle of Rum?

If you’re a fan of Captain Morgan run, you’ll be a fan of this equally good rum essence that mimics the flavours of Captain Morgan spiced rum. The essence provides for rich and dark golden-coloured rum with a hint of vanilla and spices. Once ready you can drink the rum on its own, paired with coca-cola or mixed in a cocktail. I am sure you’ve heard of daiquiri, and now you can make it on your own and add your personal twist to it.

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You can also pick dark spiced rum with an intense chocolate and vanilla flavour, cinnamon and clove notes and a hint of coffee. And let’s not forget to mention the amazing coconut rum essence. It is a type of white rum that has an intense coconut flavour and is perfect for anyone that loves the taste of coconut. You can try the Blue Hawaiian cocktail recipe that is very simple to make but incredibly tasty. You only need pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice, coconut rum, blue curacao, ice and fruits to garnish it.

The Best Tequila and Bourbon Essences

Gone are the times when we used to drink tequila shots carefree in bars like there was no tomorrow. But hey, no one says that you can’t make and drink exquisite tequila in the comfort of your home. It’s easier than ever thanks to the tequila essence that gives the alcohol that recognisable agave flavour and a note of pepper-like spice. After you’ve mixed the essence with the alcohol, grab your shot glasses, cut some lemon and enjoy the amazing taste.

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The same goes for the bourbon. You don’t have to go on a shopping spree looking for well-aged bourbon when you can just as easily mix the bourbon essence with a neutral spirit and get that full flavour of high-quality bourbon. The essence does a great job at mimicking the real thing and is the favourite among many who love drinking bourbon.

You can create a meat, cheese and fruits dish and match it with the bourbon for a luxurious experience. Bourbon is sweet and full-bodied alcohol so it will also go perfectly with desserts. Especially chocolate and creamy desserts. With a little imagination, you can recreate any experience at home and enjoy yourself.