Different Types Of Back Hoe Attachments

The back hoe loader is described as a heavy-duty construction machine which is used for a variety of purposes. This machine combines two different devices: a loader and a back hoe. Many construction companies all around the world rely heavily on the back hoe loaders because these machines are efficient, powerful, compact and easy to maintain. By being a back hoe and a loader at the same time, this machine is capable to complete different tasks with less effort. There are many reputable manufacturers of back hoes on the market, offering reliable and durable machines. The manufacturers produce not only powerful machines, but also a broad range of efficient back hoe attachments. Some specific tasks require special back hoe attachments to be used.


The back hoe attachments allow the operators to use a single back hoe for completing different tasks at the same time. The standard back hoe attachment is the bucket. This back hoe attachment is generally used for digging trenches and holes into the ground. If fact, the back hoes are most commonly equipped with buckets or digging shovels. There are several types of buckets on the market and every model is used for specific digging task. Trenching buckets are used for digging through rocky or frozen ground. Other buckets are used for digging and removing sand and even for breaking concrete directly from the working site.

Beside the standard back hoe attachments, there are many other useful attachments on the market, like: V-ditch cutter, buckets with different sizes and shapes, and hydraulically operated jack hammers. Other less known back hoe attachments include: concrete or pavement removing tool, asphalt cutters, and rock ripping tool. A special back hoe attachment for cutting 90 degrees corners is heavily utilized for digging cemetery plots. Other special back hoe attachments are used for stacking materials and handling poles or barrels on the job site.

Some backhoe attachments are used heavily in road construction projects for digging large areas of paved roads. The asphalt cutter is a back hoe attachment that is used for cutting straight edges on the roadway with a purpose to mark the end of an a old road and the beginning of the new roadway. When the cutting process is completed, this back hoe attachment is replaced with a bucket for picking and loading the materials into dump trucks. For larger pieces of concrete, a back hoe attachment called mechanical thumb is used for picking and moving the materials for further transportation. Hard concrete areas are broken by using a hammer type back hoe attachment. The large, clamp like back hoe attachments allow the operators to pick and move drums or barrels with ease.