Different Types Of Heavy Equipment Loader Parts

The loader is a specific piece of heavy equipment most commonly used in construction jobs and sidewalk maintenance to move aside different materials. In fact, a loader is a specific type of tractor, either on wheels or on tracks, with a bucket in front connected to the ends of the two arms. In the construction industry, loaders are used to move different building materials (bricks, metal bars, pipes, etc.) from one place to another, but only for short distances.

Since loaders are used every day for completing various heavy-duty tasks in harsh conditions, they need frequent replacement of the loader parts and loader attachments. Simpler said, the heavy equipment loader parts are prone to wear, frequent breakage and repairs. For example, if a wheel loader which is used to scoop up materials, breaks down, if not repaired in time, it can lower the productivity and even make the project unsuccessful. It is logical for wheel loader parts to wear down and not be as efficient, but they need to be repaired or replaced quickly, in order not to fall far behind the project schedule.


Heavy equipment loader parts range from blades and buckets to tires and tracks. Various cables, shovels and hydraulic cylinders are all categorized as heavy equipment parts and can be found on different types of equipment. Truck chassis, truck beds, loader cabinets are also heavy equipment parts and can be purchased new and used from various manufacturers and suppliers in Australia. Hooks and booms are also the loader parts that can be replaced or enhanced. Many types of heavy equipment use large steel blades for deep cuts. For example, graders and dozers include blades into their design.

Other important wheel loader parts are the wheels and tracks. These heavy equipment loader parts are used on excavators, cranes and dozers, driven by large sprockets. Tracks can be repaired in some cases, by changing only a track or more different sections of the track. Usually, the weight of the track is the most difficult aspect to overcome when servicing large loaders. However, you need to pay special attention on the quality and price of the purchased loader parts, in order to get the most cost-effective solution. Wheel loaders and track loaders can take aftermarket parts in many cases, which saves a lot of money. Also, in many cases, aftermarket items provide warranties for the loader parts, making them an excellent choice for replacement.

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