Different Types of Warehouse & Heavy Duty Shelving Units

Heavy-duty shelving units are perfect for keeping your warehouse inventory and tools in one place. You could really use a strong and versatile storage system to keep all your products well organized. Beside protection, these storage shelving systems provide better access and visibility. What a better way to improve your warehouse efficiency and reduce costs than by getting high-quality shelving units. Here’s a list of different types of warehouse and heavy duty shelving systems available on the market.


Steel Frame Shelving – Whether you need to organize your industrial or office space, choose a frame shelving unit. Strong and versatile storage system that can hold a number of products safe and efficient. A frame shelving unit comes with adjustable and spacious shelves that can withstand heavy loads and provide full protection. And most importantly, this cost-efficient shelving unit is easy to install and adjust according to your business needs.

Wire Shelving – Your other option is the wire shelving, a durable and easily-adjustable storage solution. Perfect for storing items in your laundry room, garage, store, basement or anywhere else you may need to save on storage space.

Long Span Shelving – Long span shelving units are perfect for medium to heavy duty industrial applications. Their design and construction is ideal for storing long items like wood planks and steel. Unlike the frame shelving unit, long span shelves are longer thus more suitable for non palletised goods. They fit well in factories, garages, grocery stores, supermarkets, etc.

Pallet Racking – For optimum warehouse performance choose high-quality pallet racking systems. These units are perfect for keeping a wide variety of products and warehouse equipment that requires fast and easy access. If storage and height capacity is your top priority, then a pallet racking unit is what you need. Unlike light duty frames, these heavy-duty shelving units come with over 600 racks that can hold up to 5,000kg.

Mobile Aisle Shelving – This type of shelving unit is not similar to a frame shelving or pallet racking units. Mostly because it uses a floor-attached and easy-roll rails that can be fitted well with cabinets, modular drawers, racks and more. This unique technology makes the mobile aisle shelving one of the top-selling items, however, when compared to other shelving units, this one is not designed to hold too much weight.