Dining Benches: A Stylish Twist to Your Dining Room

For many families, the dining room is a place to get together after a long day and spend a bit of time together over a shared, delicious meal. Even if schedules are hectic around the members, more often than not, the dining room succeeds to bring everyone together to share a moment or two and talk.

Aside from this everyday activity, the dining room is also the entertainment centre of the home as well. It serves as the main room where guests and hosts can gather and spend the evening together, so the way it, itself, is set up, decorated, and arranged is as important as the food served and the quality of the wine.

Many people opt for a more traditional dining room set up with a table and some chairs around it, usually matching each other and creating a pleasant, even though old-fashioned, impression. Depending on the style your home is following and what you like, this way is completely alright.

However, if you’re looking to add a bit of a twist to your dining room and make it more unique and more functional at the same time, I might have a great idea for you. It comes in the form of dining benches.

Dining Benches: An Introduction

If you haven’t heard of dining benches before you’re in for a treat. Very similar to benches used for outdoor dining, indoor dining benches allow for much more seating space as well as a simpler way of use.

Perfect for bigger families or parties, they can fit more people in the same space than placing chairs could and they also allow for closeness and comfort a regular setup just can’t.

Furthermore, as they aren’t as used, they create a bit of a “wow” moment and give an unexpected and unique vibe to the whole room. Dining benches come in various styles and dimensions made to fit each home decor style and dining table size.

Let’s go over them.

Industrial Dining Benches

Industrial dining benches are benches made out of concrete, usually paired with another material, to create an artwork as much as a functional sitting space.

Sleek, modern, and designed to perfection, well-made industrial dining benches can usually be found in high-end furniture stores as well as those catering to everyone with a unique style thus stocking items that aren’t available just everywhere.

An industrial style dining bench works well within homes that follow the minimalistic design style as they fit right in with the idea of sharp, clean lines, subdued, solid colours, and utmost functionality.

As for pairing, such a dining bench would look amazing placed next to a glass dining table, for example, or one made out of another sleek material that gives off a futuristic or industrial vibe. A table made of solid, dark wood can also work very well, though you’ll really have to be careful with the design.

The great thing about the industrial style bench is the fact that it can allow a lot of colourful details to be added around it to create a truly captivating moment.

Wooden Dining Benches

A fan favourite when it comes to outdoor dining, wooden benches are actually amazing for the inside, too! With a lovely design and often featuring many details and carved out pieces, they are perfect for a homely dining room that wants to express comfort, unity, and warmth.

Wooden dining benches offer a bit more variety than an industrial dining bench set as they can fit comfortably within many different interior design styles.

Starting with the obvious – the nature-inspired home, a wooden dining bench will really enrich your dining room and offer a sitting set that closely follows the theme. Choose a bench in a natural shade if your home is filled with raw wood or a stain of your choosing that will resemble the rest of the wooden details in the house.

The wooden dining bench can also do a lot for vintage and Scandi homes as well and it even looks good within a minimalistic house. However, if you’re going to opt for a wooden bench in a minimal home make sure the shade of the wood follows the rest of the tones you have in your house and find a dining table to go well with it. Otherwise, your bench will look out of place.

Iron Dining Benches

Finally, we have the most intricate of the bunch – the iron dining benches.

Able to be designed in various forms and feature extremely intricate details, iron dining benches are perfect for vintage and rustic homes, but can easily find their place in minimal, nature-themed, and elegantly styled homes as well.

Giving off a very rich and luscious vibe, iron dining benches are decoration as much as they are a seat. However, since they are so detailed they might not be that good with many additions around them, so be careful how you pair them and what with.

Since iron is a material that is quite hard both in composition and on the eye you’ll need to be careful with the table you choose to go with them. Solid wood with iron legs is one idea and so is a completely iron table, too, though this may seem a bit too much for some.

Either way, the iron dining bench is best suited for those who are very keen on having artistic pieces around the house, so I’m sure that if you decide to opt for this version of the dining bench you’ll make all the right decisions regarding everything else and will create a dining room that is truly a masterpiece you can walk and live in.