Discover the Benefits of Acupressure with Shakti Massage Mat

Used for thousands of years in China, acupressure is a technique that’s based on the same principles as acupuncture. It promotes relaxation and wellness and is used to release blocked chi (qi/ch’i) or energy throughout the body. According to traditional Chinese medical theory the meridians, invisible channels in our body that carry energy are called chi. They begin at the fingertips and connect to the brain. Then they connect to an organ or network of organs and create a communication system.

shakti acupressure mat

If one of these meridians is blocked, you get ill. Acupressure uses certain points along the meridians to help restore balance. When the blockages are removed, pain may be reduced or completely gone. Some practitioners believe that the results come from reduced muscle tension, released circulation as well as the release of endorphin. Many people these days use acupressure mats to alleviate back pain and headaches.

Acupressure mats have hundreds of plastic points that apply pressure to acupressure points in your back. Also, you can find acupressure pillows that can be used on the head or the neck as well as the hands or the feet.

Shakti mat combines the ancient healing practice of acupressure with modern technology in a way that creates a unique experience and can help you stimulate your body’s natural healing power and male you feel relaxed and more vibrant than usual. Shakti massage mat is designed to stimulate body circulation while providing acupressure and help you balance your body, mind and spirit.

What’s All the Fuss About Shakti Mats?

The Original Shakti Mat has 6000 acupressure points that stimulate the release of endorphins and other calming hormones. Its design is based on an ancient Indian medicinal tool that was used by Indian Yogis for releasing emotional, mental and physical burdens. You can choose a Shakti massage mat for back pain and stress relieve, a small investment with great benefits.

shakti mat

It’s a daily self-care tool that can help you unwind, relax and release tension in your home. The high quality and sharp materials allow for effective acupressure. If you experience tension in your neck, back, tummy, legs or feet, you can target these areas and soothe them with Shakti practice. You can use it every day and make it part of your daily routine.

Using it properly is the only way to achieve the desired effects. Place your mat on a bed or another soft surface you prefer. You can place a neck pillow or a rolled-up towel underneath the mat to support your neck. It’s important to make sure you lie down on it carefully, so your back hits the mat in the right place at one time, which can help your skin rest in contact with all the points and avoid feeling the spikes on your skin in a more pleasant way.

When you lay on the mat, you may feel a prickly sensation, followed by sudden, warm heat. Which is good as it can instantly relax your body. It’s a good idea to wear a cotton t-shirt the first time you use your Shakti mat, so it will feel more comfortable and you could easily get used to it.

Relax and breathe deeply. In the beginning, 10 to 15 minutes on the mat should be enough and you can gradually increase the sessions. Every next session can last from 20 to 40 minutes. Even if you don’t experience pain relief after the first session, give it a few sessions more as each time you’ll be using it, you may feel the pain lessen.

Don’t worry if you spend more time on the mat, listen to restful music and fall asleep on it. You can use it whenever you feel the urge and try using it every day if possible. Just keep in mind that it’s not recommendable for those who have heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, people with thin skin or pregnant women.

Benefits of Shakti Mat

Shakti mats can help with pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Also, they can relieve muscle tension and reduce stress levels. Moreover, people who are struggling with tension headaches can benefit from using these acupressure mats.

Some people like the Shakti mat because it helps them increase their energy and can be quite helpful for a quick recovery after an intense workout. It has been used by people struggling with cellulite, digestive problems, poor circulation, fatigue, insomnia and other disorders.


Reduce Back Pain

If you’re experiencing back pain, the mat can provide a release of muscle tension, which relieves the pressure on the spine, pinched nerves and can restore normal blood circulation to the area. You are most likely to feel relief from upper, lower and middle back pain.

Reduce Neck and Shoulders Tension

When it comes to neck and shoulders tension, you can expect warmth into the neck and shoulders from a boost in circulation.

Rejuvenate Your Feet

You can start off in your favourite socks and slowly get to stepping bare feet on the mat. Thanks to the boost circulation, you can expect a rejuvenated feeling in your feet as you’ve just had a feet massage.

Acupressure mats haven’t been studied extensively, but if you are experiencing back or body pain, stress or headache, you may give them a try. Consult your doctor or a healthcare provider for the most effective results.

Note that acupressure mats shouldn’t be used instead of medical treatments or prescribed medications. Babies, toddlers and children shouldn’t use these mats.