Divide Then Conquer Your Living Area with Room Partitions

I don’t know what it is with movies and their love for studios and open floor apartments, but it seems like in almost every movie, there is a scene of this kind: the main protagonist gets out of bed and all of a sudden he’s in the middle of the living room. Then there’s a knock on the door. He lets the person come in and hides behind a harmonica-like wall to get dressed. How convenient, right?

Room Partitions

Maybe you too wanted to save some money on big apartments and opted for this kind of living space. And here you are, you and the one room you do everything in – eat, sleep, work and welcome your guests in. Maybe life as described by Hollywood movies is mostly impractical, but the harmonica-like room partitions we often see in movies can be very useful in many ways.

Create Purposeful Zones

The first and foremost purpose of room partitions is creating an illusion of having multiple rooms when you actually have only one. This means that with a room divider you can clearly define an area and its use without completely closing it off from the rest of the place. For example, you can put a divider around your bed and make an instant bedroom where the light from the TV won’t disturb your sleep. Or, you can put it up to prevent your guests from peeking into your kitchen and seeing the mess you left behind when you prepared the dinner. You can even set up your home workspace with the help of a room divider. Separate your computer desk from the rest of the room so that you are able to concentrate better without getting distracted by what’s going on around you.

Increase Privacy in a Shared Space

An open floor plan can be a huge privacy problem if you live with your partner or have a roommate. Everyone needs their privacy, especially when coming back home after you’ve had a long and exhausting day. Now this is easy to be done with portable dividers. Close yourself off in your favourite corner of the room with a book or an iPod and enjoy your alone time while the other person goes about with their day without disturbing you. Plus, these dividers can also function as a wardrobe. Convenience at its finest!

Hide Unsightly Clutter

We’ve all had moments when we wished we had a housekeeper to take care of the mess we leave behind. I bet you’ve been in a situation when you’ve had unannounced guests drop by and your appartment was a huge mess with tons of clothes lying around. By having a room divider at home, you can instantly hide the unsightly clutter. Your friends will never suspect you are not the tidy person you want them to believe you are.

A Stylish Addition

Get creative! Besides for separating areas and hiding things behind them, room partitions can also act as an interesting accent. They have originated in Ancient China and still have that exotic appeal which can add depth to your living room design. They come in various designs – from vintage wooden dividers, to colourful modern plastic ones and they can fit in every décor. You can even unfold one behind your bed and use it as an interesting and unique headboard. The possibilities room dividers offer are limitless, all you need to do is unleash your creativity!