Does Drinking Red Wine Prevents Cancer

red wine

With today’s growing awareness on health, the greater emphasis is put on one disease that seems to affect increasing number of people regardless of age bracket and gender – cancer. This disease manifests in a human body when anomalous cells start dividing uncontrollably and then attack other organs as they spread through blood and lymph. Newest researches from various cancer organization show that increased number of people worldwide are diagnosed with various types of cancer, but due to newest medical technologies and medications death rates are continuously falling. Also, a healthy and balanced diet plays a major role in prolonging life of cancer patients. It’s been proven that increased intake of minerals and nutrients can slow and even stop cancer cells from spreading.

Studies have also shown that regular consumption of alcohol increases the risk of cancer with one exception – red wine. Numerous researches conducted by various scientists around the world came to same aftermath – moderate consumption of red wine can prevent cancer activities. Now, before you order red wine online or run off to the nearest liquor store, you should know why red wine prevents cancer. This wine’s healing and anticancer quality is attributed to the powerful antioxidant, resveratrol (found in grape skin and seeds) red wine is loaded with. Resveratrol protects grape from fungus and other infection and thus does the same for human cells when consumed. To be more clear, this antioxidant protects body cells from getting damaged by hazardous molecules known as free radicals, which occur during cell metabolism process.

Resveratrol has been initially announced as the miracle worker of blood cells and heart. It is also known that its healing characteristics do wonders for brain cells protecting them from natural damage due to aging. Doing so, resveratrol helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. New studies have also shown that this red wine phenomenon protects bowels, lungs and is the super diet solution for overweight people battling fat. But the most important role this antioxidant has is ability to prevent cancer. However, wine type matters. Red wine has higher percentage of resveratrol due to the fact that production process includes whole grapes unlike white wine where grape skin is removed before fermentation occurs. Doctors claim that consuming a glass of red wine a day can cut cancer risk in half. Moreover, recent researches showed that people who consume 4-6 glasses of red wine per week have significantly lower risks of cancer (over 60%) than the people who do not consume this divine drink. Therefore, regardless of whether you are or may not be passionate wine lover, make it a habit of consuming a glass of red wine with your dinner. There are many online retailers who offer wide array of different wines in terms of type, quality, texture and bouquet, thus you should not have a problem finding your signature red wine when you decide to buy red wine online.

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