Dog Safety: Pet Screen and Security Doors Buying Guide

What Is a Dog Door and What Is It Used For? 

A pet dog door, also known as a ‘flap door’ or a ‘doggy door’, is a small opening installed in a wall, window, or door that serves as a doorway for your pet to come and go as they please. These types of doors come in handy for many pet owners, especially if they are working long hours but don’t want to leave their furry pal trapped inside the house all day long. They are also particularly useful when you want to sleep in longer on Sunday mornings and you don’t want to be interrupted by your dog’s unwanted behaviour such as scratching, and loud vocalization simply pleading to be let out.

How to Choose a Dog Door For Your Pet?

 dog going through a dog door

Choosing the right pet dog door involves taking into consideration some important aspects. Considering the place you want to install it, the right door size, your home security, and your budget are just some of the features that you need to be mindful of when selecting the right one for your dog’s needs.

Choose the Location

Different dog door models are designed with all the nuances of your home in mind, which means you can find different types of dog doors including dog doors for security doors, walls, patios, and windows. Most dog doors are almost always installed in the bottom corner of your security screen door.

dog door

The standard one is the dog door meant for exterior doors which can be installed in wooden doors, and metal ones as well. On the other hand, installing a door through an exterior wall requires paying careful consideration to the quality of the door itself as you will be cutting a hole in your house after all. Those featuring sturdy aluminium framing and tunnels for ultimate durability, as well as a double flap option for added insulation, are the most commonly recommended ones. 

This location has a particular advantage over others, as it gives you full control to remove the frame and flap whenever you want to match up the space, leaving no trace of the pet door’s existence. Whichever dog door you choose to install, you need to make sure it’s safe for toddlers or if you own other small pets in your house. One of the safest alternatives is the automatic door that will only open for your dog.

Safety and Security

doggy door

Giving your dog enough freedom to roam around but also making sure they are safe is one of the reasons why many people decide to install dog door for security doors in their houses. Speaking of security, there are many different designs of pet dog doors, and most of them feature some sort of locking system to ensure your safety. However you still need to make sure you are locking the door at night.

Still, if your primary concern for installing a security screen door for your pet is to keep out intruders, then you should not have your dog door installed into the screen door. But if you are willing to compromise a little security for the sake of convenience for your furry friend, then a pet door installed into your safety screen door will be the ideal choice.

Size Matters

dog going through a dog door

Let’s be honest here, considering adding a dog door for security doors for your pet seems like a perfect idea, however, they can be a pretty costly investment as well, if you take into consideration the installation costs involved. Therefore, another valuable aspect is considering your dog’s breed and size. For instance, if you consider having a large dog welcoming your family it’s safer to choose large door frame designs that will suit your dog’s breed and size. Most types of dog doors come in three different sizes available including small, medium, and larger ones. It is always safer to choose bigger sizes, as small dogs can easily use a large dog door design, which wouldn’t be the case if it’s the other way around.

Consider Your Budget

dog door installed on a entrance door

There are many brands of security dog doors on the marketplace. Depending on the size and special features, the price of the doggy doors can vary accordingly. The national average cost ranges from $150 to $600,  with most homeowners paying around $300 for medium-sized ones. The smaller manual plastic dog door designs can be fairly inexpensive compared with some other designs and materials with their prices ranging as low as $100. Compared to them, extra-large aluminium electric dog door framed ones that measure 30×58 cm in a wall can cost as high as $1500. Therefore considering your budget and how much you are willing to spend, it’s always a great idea before deciding to invest in one.