Dogs and Fleas: Nip the Problem in the Bud

There’s no doubt about it, dogs are man’s best friend. It’s not just an age old phrase that came out of nothing; they treat us with their loyalty, company, love, make us laugh when we need it most, show their support, keep us healthy by motivating us to stay physically active, and often surprise us with their intelligence.

It goes to show why they get to be considered as nothing less than family members but what they give should be treated with the care they deserve. When I say care I don’t just refer to choosing the right food, treats, taking them for walks and giving them baths but also protecting them.

Labrador Golden retriever cross puppy on grass running.

For instance, we usually see ticks as the serious danger yet forget fleas are parasites that can pose a real threat to a dog’s health and well-being too as it feeds on its blood; in fact they pose a threat to you and your home as well. Knowing this, it’s important to consider finding and buying the adequate flea treatment for dogs.

Since there are many types of products you’re going to come across, from those that are to be applied during baths, to those that can be chewed, or worn, like the many collars, it’s advisable to buy according to the size of the dog as well as how much of a dosage you need, considering certain flea treatments for dogs like the ones for bathing can have dosages lasting up to a month.

The problem with fleas is you might not notice you have a problem until it’s late. They’re small and can easily get out of sight in a dog’s fur, in the home’s accessories such as rugs and upholstery, between wood floor boards, and even in your bed, and the fact they have legs that help them jump is part of the problem.

The danger with fleas is they breed rapidly, and when I say rapidly I mean a female flea can lay up to 40 eggs daily. The evolving process from the eggs to larva takes only two days, and from larva to pupa up to 15 days, and as soon as the perfect host is found (read: your dog), which can take even months, it’s time for the blood feast to begin.

Different dogs react differently, since some can manifest allergic reactions to the flea problem, known as flea dermatitis, others can go off without even showing off any sign, whereas serious cases lead to bigger issues like tapeworm infections and anemia which is why nipping the problem in the bud is recommended, so always check and use flea treatment products.

Likewise, don’t forget to regularly clean your home thoroughly, especially the areas mentioned as the ideal flea spots. Protect your dog, yourself and your home in time!