Do’s And Don’ts When Using Electric Forklift Trucks

A forklift truck is a type of material handling machine. It is a powerful piece of equipment designed to lift and transport materials in various industrial sectors. A versatile machine which can be equipped with a wide variety of attachments, making the forklift truck a very useful piece of machinery capable to perform a variety of tasks.


When speaking about the engine, there are two forklift truck types: electric and internal combustion. These two forklift truck models are different in terms of their operation, usability (indoor or outdoor), weight capacity and overall performance. Generally, the electric forklift truck is used for indoor operations, while the forklift truck with internal combustion engine for outdoor operations.

Powered by lead-acid batteries, the electric forklift truck today is considered as the ideal forklift machine for many industry sectors. This is because the electric model is perfect for indoor activities in tight and narrow spaces. If you are interested in buying electric forklift truck, read the following do`s and don`ts:

Do`s about it:

  • The batteries prevent emission of harmful fumes and they do not cause any negative effect on the environment. As a result, the electric model is perfect for facilities such as food-processing and healthcare sectors.

  • While the initial costs of the electric forklift truck tend to be higher when compared to the internal combustion forklift truck, its average fuel and maintenance costs are low.

  • Compared to the other model, the electric forklift truck is a quiet machine.

  • With electric forklift truck you will have extra space in your warehouse since you don’t have to store extra fuel.

Don`ts about it:

  • Since it is battery powered, the forklift truck can operate only five to six hours when it is constantly used.

  • The charging process of the battery will determine the strength of the forklift. A fully charged battery will allow the forklift truck to operate with its full capacity, while a low charged battery slows the entire performance.

  • If you need to use the forklift truck for more than seven consecutive hours, you will need to have extra full charged battery on hand.

  • It is not suitable for outdoor activities, specifically when raining.

Different electric forklift truck models are available on the market, such as: cushion tire, scissor lift, order picker, stacker, reach truck and pallet jack. Visit a local store to find the one that will satisfy your business needs.