Double Size Mattress: the Ideal Choices for Many Bedrooms

At the end of a busy day, it’s the bedroom with the comfortable bed and mattress that mend your body and brain from all the mental and physical wear-down you’ve been throughout the day. It’s the most used piece of furniture if you take into account the eight or so hours that you spend every night on it. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is the key to feeling great and ready to take on the world every morning. The most versatile type of mattress is the double size mattress, and for various good reasons.

It is the ideal choice for many people because it is adequate for one person and comfortable enough for two. Choosing the right mattress for you is like walking on a thin line between excellence and disaster. You either get what you want and are comfortable in it, or you aren’t comfortable at all and you absolutely detest it. Luckily, there are countless of types and models of mattresses that can meet each and everyone’s needs, you just have to find the right one for you. Here is a break down of the types of the double size mattress.

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Standard Double Memory Foam

The double memory foam standard mattress is a type of mattress that not only helps you get a good night’s rest, but also has various different benefits – firmness for people who have back pain, providing proper body alignment while sleeping. Furthermore, this type often comes in different degrees of height, which can add to the already existing comfort without changing the quality of firmness it provides. A lot of people go for the memory foam mattress because it is also hypoallergenic and it’s extremely recommended by allergists.

Standard Double Luxury

For people who can afford it and want to enjoy a better mattress, this is their go-to mattress. The standard double luxury mattress is softer than the standard double mattress and it offers some additional features such as leather finishes – which makes it easy to clean with just a damp cloth. The upholstery is usually made from high quality materials and this is the reason it is costlier than other types.

Standard Double Pocket Sprung

This type of mattress is another great option for people who are looking to get a great night’s sleep and look for extremely firm mattresses for extra support and comfort. It is quite unique because it is designed with separate pockets containing individual strings. One of the biggest benefits of this mattress is the fact that you won’t be affected by the body movements of the other person in bed.