Dr. Ravi Zacharias Book Review: Why Jesus?

Dr. Ravi Zacharias is a distinguished lecturer and author of books for both adults and children. He discusses spiritual themes through his books by using biblical teaching and Christian apologetic. He has been lecturing in great halls and universities like Princeton, Harvard, and Oxford, and it is listed as one of the best lecturers according to the Staley Foundation. It is an author of several amazing books like “The End of Reason”, “The Grand Weaver”, “Let My People Think” and many others. But the one that stands out is the book “Why Jesus?”. Through this book, Dr. Ravi advises readers not to believe in a mystical ideas or a certain place of inner essence, but to believe in a real person..Jesus Christ. According to Dr. Ravi, a new spirituality has emerged in our culture due to the false teachings on spiritual matters. The media and entertainment industry have much to do with it. Ravi claims that the media can influence not only on the culture, but also to reshape people’s beliefs.

why jesus


In “Why Jesus?” Dr. Ravi provides a unique perspective that Jesus alone is the Truth, we only need to rediscover His truth in an age of mass marketed spirituality. In his book “Why Jesus”, Ravi claims that a lot of movies, TV shows and books have reshaped the Western society and introduced a new age of spirituality. He gives special attention on the influence that Oprah Winfrey has in reshaping the society by introducing certain books and authors that claim to know the ways for eternal life. According to him, we are paying for feelings instead of truth, and no matter how hard we try to stay away from these movements, still the society is not fully immune.

“Why Jesus?” is an exceptional page turning book that enlightens people and shows them the truth about the new movement that has appeared in the Western culture and is spreading through the entire world. According to Ravi, the religious rebellion of the 1960’s, the Transcendental Mediation movement of the 70’s and the religious scandal of the 80’s had a great impact on the classic biblical teachings and made room for the new spiritual movement. And even though it teaches followers to find inner peace and to seek the ”ultimate state”, still it lacks one thing that keeps people together- relationships. “Why Jesus” is full with arguments against the New Spirituality, as they have violated the truth about Jesus and deliberately created false image about Him. In his book “Why Jesus?”, Dr. Zacharias cites few examples from the Scripture, worshiping Jesus and reminding readers that Jesus alone is the truth. Ravi helps readers to understand the meaning of the spiritual fulfillment and the human need to believe in God. No need to look for new spirituality and pursue eastern mysticism, yet to believe in Jesus and in the truth that He presents.