Dream Duffel Bags Guide: Pack Your Dance Essentials Like a Professional

A dancer’s most powerful instrument of their art form is their body. Keeping that instrument in the best shape possible requires a set of essentials in their bags. We often see dancers carrying huge bags as they head to rehearsals and dance trips.

Whether you’re just starting out in the dancing industry or have been professionally dancing for a while now, you must know that preparation is vital. That means you must have the ultimate dance bag to have all the essentials packed at all times.

How can you choose the best dance bag for you? And how can you pack it like a pro? We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you build a powerful dance bag.

What Makes the Dream Duffel the Ultimate Dance Bag?

To pack your dance essentials and accessories, you need something to pack them in. That makes a dance bag designed with the dancer’s needs in mind a must. Out of the many dance luggage options today, you’ve probably heard about Dream Duffel. What makes this dance bag range so special?

dancer with dance duffel bag and accessories
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Unlike other luggage, the Dream Duffel has a specific design to help dancers make their training, competition and recreational dance practice as enjoyable and convenient as possible. The mystery lies in pockets and compartments: with plenty of side pockets, internal compartments and separate sections, it’s easier than ever to organise all dance essentials in one place.

Forget about wasting time rummaging around the bottom of a big ordinary bag; with Dream Duffel, you know exactly where your shoes, clothes, training tools, hair accessories and even snacks are.

When searching online for the finest pieces of dance equipment like a Dream Duffel bag for sale you’ll come across a wide range of sizes and packages. Buying your bag from a dance store that offers high-quality products that’s also focused on optimal customer service will allow you to find the right size and package option.

Whether you’re looking for a small bag only for quick practice trips or large luggage and package options for competition travel, there’s a Dream Duffel dance bag option to suit everyone.

What Size Dream Duffel Should I Get?

The Dream Duffel bags range from large to carry-on models, holding a size option for everyone. The right size for you will depend on what you need the bag for and how many costumes you usually carry. If you’re looking for a small bag for quick practice trips, the mini or the carry-on Dream Duffel option that holds approximately 1 to 3 costumes should be enough for you.

If you need large luggage and package options for competition travel, the large and medium Dream Duffel bags may be best for you as they hold up to 9 and 15 costumes. The small duffel that holds 1 to 5 costumes might be the best size option for those who need an in-between size.

The Convenience of Dream Duffel Packages

No matter the size, a typical Dream Duffel bag for sale comes with various useful features. These include a telescoping garment rack, retractable push-button handle to roll with ease, side handles, snack pockets, buckled side pockets, a USB port and a bonus pocket for phone, water bottle or other smaller items.

dancer sitting on dream duffel equipment
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Different-sized bags come in various packages that offer additional storage and handy features such as a garment bag, a wooden hanger and an accessory box. By getting a Dream Duffel package, you ensure making the most of this ultimate piece of dance equipment.

How to Pack your Dream Duffel Like a Pro?

There is nothing worse than being on a dance job and finding yourself without the tools you need, much like a plumber who realises he doesn’t have the right wrench. Here’s a list of items to fully equip yourself with everything you’ll need for successful dance and movement practice.

Dance Shoes

Of all kinds! Bring a selection of shoes, particularly for an audition. Don’t forget to pack shoes for all the specialty dance styles you can perform, such as tap or pointe, in addition to your ballet slippers or jazz sneakers. Even when not mentioned in the audition notice, a choreographer might suddenly want to see a different style, especially if your resume suggests you can do it. Additionally, ladies should always wear heels.

Dance Costumes

While you won’t need your costumes for practice, you must pack them every time you perform and rehearse, no matter if it’ll be in your hometown or on a national competition dance trip. Make sure you pack them properly to avoid causing damage to them.

Extra Dancewear

You should have a spare pair of tights and a clean leotard in case of tears, runs, stains, or excessive sweating. Additionally, having warm-up clothing you can layer on top of and take off easily is important because studio and theatre temperatures can be unpredictable and vary greatly.

little dancer with dream duffel dance bag
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Hair Accessories

A hairbrush, comb, elastic ties, barrettes, pins, and hairspray are some of the must-haves for classical dancers to have neat hairstyles that will remain in place and not obstruct the appearance or proper execution of their movements. Additionally, having an extra elastic or barrette on hand shows that you are organised and professional.


Dancers still sweat a lot in cold weather. You should frequently wipe your body to remove perspiration because sweaty skin can be hazardous when performing lifts, especially when working with a partner.

Water Bottle

Hydration is essential during long days of practising or auditioning. Use a reusable water bottle, and never put glass bottles in your dance bag, just in case. No matter how thoroughly you believe you’ve cleaned out your bag, if they break, there may still be tiny glass shards inside that, if they get into your clothes or shoes, could cause serious injury.

Healthy Snack

The majority of dance nutritionists recommend eating small meals throughout the day. You should always keep a healthy snack in your dance bag, especially when you don’t know when breaks will be or when you’re going to a new neighbourhood and are unsure of the food options. Fruit, nuts and protein bars are the best snacks for dancers on the go.

Deodorant, Perfume, Wipes

Working with a performer who stinks up the studio is unpleasant for everyone. After demanding classes or rehearsals on those busy days when you don’t have time to shower, spritzing on a light cologne can help you feel and smell fresh.

Wipes are useful for cleaning a small cut or scrape and dirty hands, especially if leaving the studio or performance space would be difficult.

Makeup Bag

Having makeup with you can be handy if you need to reapply your make-up for an audition after class or a rehearsal or if you need to fix smudges and smears while performing in an audition.