Drill Your Own Water Well

A water well is a hole in the ground that gives you access to groundwater. If you plan on drilling your own water well, be aware of possible water impurity. This is important as to prevent various diseases, so it is recommended for you to have sat least some experience and knowledge about it. Water well is very helpful if you live outside of the city, run a farm or live in an area prone to droughts. And considering the fact that underground waters are located about 15 meters below the ground level, there are big chances of finding a groundwater supply on your land.

Before you start drilling, make sure you have required equipment to support your project such as bore pumps. A bore pump moves and extracts water by using rotary mechanism. It is very easy to install one and does not cost a lot. Nowadays, bore pump designs feature high quality, light weight, easy installation, wear resistance and high starting torque. There are numerous online suppliers which offer a wide range of bore pumps at affordable prices. Aside from getting a bore pump, there are other factors to consider before you start drilling your own water well.


Laws And Regulations – Before you start drilling a water well, check local regulations regarding such matter. You need to be certain your town, city or municipality allows private water wells since many restrict such projects. You will probably need a license to conduct such project so talk to your local city administrator about water well drilling details.

Geologic And Topographic Maps – To find the right location, check geologic and topographic maps. Geologic maps show the general location of aquifers and rock formations in specific area, while topographic maps show the surface features and their elevations. With the help of these maps, the area with sufficient groundwater for drilling is determined.

Choose The Right LocationFind the location with adequate power system requirements and a high recharge rate. Underground water originates from the surface of the Earth and there is no source that can confirm how much water is out there. Reports show that there is 30 times more water than there is in all the lakes, streams and rivers in the world. With that in mind, you can start drilling just keep in mind to start on the highest point of your property if you want the gravity to make it easier for the water to be distributed evenly to the whole property.

Choose The Drilling Method – You can drill a water well with shovel, using micro-drilling rig or a more professional equipment. It’s up to you to decide which drilling method you will use. However, if you decide to drill a hole 15-plus meters deep, it is unlikely that you will succeed without proper equipment. We suggest you use a micro-drilling rig as it is the easiest and most affordable option. It is a portable and small drilling device that can be operated by one man and can dig up to 55 meters in depth.

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