Enhancing Safety & Outdoor Functionality with LED Flood Lights

LED-Flood-LightLED flood lights are a special type of lighting designed to illuminate vast areas. Their light is so powerful that it is pretty much as good as daylight. They are very durable, shock and weather resistant, which makes flood lights the most popular choice for residential outdoor lighting. Also known as outdoor spotlights, they do not require expensive fixtures and bulbs. The best choice for flood lights are LED bulbs as they can last for up to 50 000 hours, which means you won’t need to change them as often. LED flood lights are commonly used to light up porches, residential tennis courts and swimming pools.

But besides being great for practical reasons, these powerful lights can also help you create a pleasant garden atmosphere. Your summer get-together parties can look much more inviting and welcoming by lighting up your porch with a quality LED flood light. And if you have a special occasion you want to host outside, these lights will highlight all the beautiful elements of your landscape and create a fairytale-like feel.

Moreover, a powerful LED flood light can act as an alternative security system where there isn’t one. It’s known that people feel safer when they can clearly see everything around them, and this type of light is known to illuminate every dark corner within its reach. Not to mention how putting a few of these lights around your garden can deter any intruders from trying to enter your property.

When installing flood lights, the location and angle are very important both for safety and practical reasons. Try to position them as further away as possible from any surrounding houses as to not disturb your neighbours. A bright LED flood light should be pointed downward at a 20 degrees angle so that it does not produce a blinding glare that can hurt your vision. And keep in mind that it needs to be installed at a safe distance of at least 3 meters from the lawn or any flammable objects as to not cause a fire.

A great advantage LED flood lights have is that they are incredibly energy-efficient. As we’ve mentioned, LEDs boast an exceptionally long life span, but with the addition of motion sensors to your floodlights, you can cut your energy costs up to a third. The motion sensor will trigger the flood light whenever there’s some movement within its reach. This way, your outdoor lights do not have to be unnecessarily on all night. Plus, motion sensor controlled lights are a good way to know whether something’s happening at your doorstep without having to go outside to check.