Essential Cat Accessories Every Owner Should Have

If you are getting ready to bring in a new kitten home, you need to make sure you have the essential feline accessories to keep them happy and healthy. There are a lot of useful and fun pet accessories out there, and you’ll probably end up buying a lot of them over time. However, some of them are simply vital, and every cat owner needs to have them. And to find the essential items for your furry friend, you need to consider your cat’s basic needs and instincts: sleeping, eating, hygiene, health, scratching, climbing.

Unlike dogs, cats can be very inflexible, which is why unprepared cat owners often find it hard to get their pets to develop wanted habits and routines. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t get used to sleeping in the cute cat donut bed you chose for them, or that you can’t prevent them from scratching your couch. All you need is a little preparation.


Cats love sleeping. In fact, they spend most of their time sleeping, and they will most likely end up using any surface they can get to for sleeping and for stretching out. However, since cats love their alone time, and they are territorial creatures, your kitten would appreciate if you gave them their own bed, and designate a corner of your home that’s just theirs, where they’ll feel safe and comfortable. While you probably won’t be able to entirely avoid it, getting them a bed where they’ll get used to sleeping, will prevent them from sleeping on your bed or your couch for sixteen to twenty hours a day, all the time.

cats sleeping

There are many different styles of beds for cats, and to choose one, apart from choosing the design, you need to consider the material and the size of the bed. Furthermore, you need to consider the longevity and ease of maintenance of the bed. Though there are many interesting designs of igloo-styled beds, if this is a priority for you, the classical cat donut beds can be a perfect choice. Though cats love their covered spaces, they may appreciate keeping their hiding practices for their awake time. However, for some more anxious cats, covered igloo-like beds, might be a better choice, since they might feel more comfortable in a more confined space.

If you don’t want your cat to choose the place where they’ll sleep, or the surface that they’ll scratch on their own, you should be prepared in advance. Cats love soft surfaces, and there are many cat beds that are made with padded, plush materials. But browsing through different cat donut beds and finding a cute fluffy one is only the first step. In order to help your cat develop a habit to sleep on their bed, you should also choose well where you are going to place it. Finding a quiet and warm place, maybe next to a radiator, for instance, can be a good place to start.

Scratching and Climbing

If there is one thing that cats love maybe even more than sleeping, is scratching. There are many theories as to why they do this, but regardless of the reason, one thing is for sure: if you decide to adopt a cat, there is a big chance that you’ll end up with some part of your furniture scratched. However, you can minimise this risk, or you may even be able to avoid it completely, if you find a nice scratching post for them, and place it strategically. There are many different products that are built on this idea. From simple scratching posts to big climbing platforms to satisfy your cat’s curiosity, their desire to go up high, while also giving them more different surfaces for scratching.

cats climbing and scartching

However, in order to make your cat really use it, you should find a place where your cat loves hanging out anyway. For instance, this means that you should avoid putting it somewhere in a corner where they never spend their time.


Our pets entirely depend on us when it comes to their health and their grooming. This is why not only should you find a good veterinarian, but also you should get prepared in advance to take care of them in every sense of the word. For this, you are going to need some other essentials, such as a cat carrier, for when you’re taking them to their vet, or travelling with them, bowls for food and water etc.

healthy cat

Taking care of your cat also means learning about their vaccines, ticks, fleas and lice, parasites, worms etc, as well as cat’s healthy diets, supplements etc. You also need to think about cleaning and hygiene. Fortunately, cats are very good at staying clean, and unlike dogs, they are very easily potty trained. This is why, before bringing your kitten into your home, you should buy a litter box and litter, as well as other accessories, such as litter scoop, that go with it, so that they can develop the habit as soon as they move in their new home. Furthermore, to avoid litterboxes odours, you can find chemicals that help against it.

When it comes to cleaning, you must also buy grooming items, to keep both your cat and your home clean. Aside from the litterbox, to do this, you need a quality brush. Though not all cats shed equally, some can make quite a mess. However, nowadays there are tools that can make every cat owner’s life easier, such as some very effective de-shedders.