Essential Dog Supplements to Keep Your Pooch Healthy and Happy

Do Dogs Need Vitamins?

Just as humans, dogs also need their daily dose of vitamin supplements to enrich their diet and stay healthy. Just as humans, dogs can also experience many digestive and health-related issues. Feeding your dog well is essential for their development, which is why professionals suggest giving your furry friend high-quality foods rich in nutrients like the ones from the Royal Canin.

In some cases, adding dietary supplements to your dog’s diet can prove harmful as overdose can also cause many unwanted consequences such as lethargy, nausea, loss of appetite, tremor, convulsions, and even death. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) adding vitamin supplements on top of a well-balanced diet could harm your dog. For instance, excess amounts of calcium may interfere with bone development, or vitamin A vitamin overdose can cause dehydration or arthritis.

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For that very reason, you should pay careful attention to the brand and quality of the supplements you choose to give to your puppy, as many of them aren’t natural and are full of bad ingredients, binders, and additives. This is why consulting with your vet first is always a good idea.

Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Your Dog

Just as humans, dogs also need their daily fix of nutrients and vitamins to support their health. But before you decide to supplement your four-legged friend, you should understand its individual needs and requirements. Consider its activity level and age to meet your dog’s individual needs. Now let’s take a look a the essential vitamins and supplements for your dog and their importance for your doggo’s health.


Chewable multivitamin tablets specially made for dogs contain all the important vitamins and nutrients to help your dog regain his strength and boost his health. Giving your dog healthy dog food can certainly provide them with many vitamins and minerals. However, a daily dosage of the proper vitamin supplements for puppies will provide your furry pal with the important nutrients they might be missing from their diet.

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Joint Support Supplements

Most dogs, at a certain point in their life, suffer from joint pain. For this reason, your veterinarian may recommend using a joint support supplement that is sure to alleviate some of the pain. These supplements are especially useful for active dogs or dogs who had sustained some injury and are in need of quick recovery.

Vitamin A

Studies have shown that vitamin A is one of the essential vitamin supplements for puppies. This fat-soluble vitamin plays a crucial role in your dog’s growth, fetal development, immune system, and cell function. If depleted of this vitamin, the signs of deprivation can be pretty visible on your dog’s overall appearance as your dog’s skin and coat will not look healthy.

Among these, there are some other signs of vitamin A deficiency such as muscle deterioration, general weakness, or even night blindness. To prevent this, make sure to include many natural ingredients that contain a high level of vitamin A in your dog’s diet. The most common sources for this protein are vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and kale.

Vitamin B

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Vitamin B has a wide variety of advantages to your pet’s health when combined with a healthy diet consisting of other essential nutrients and minerals. B vitamin has a direct impact on your dog’s brain function, supports the growth of red blood cells, helps to maintain steady energy levels, and is vital in preventing many infections and diseases.

Foods that are rich in this vitamin are whole grains, leafy green vegetables, beans, beef, pork, and some dairy products in moderate amounts. Since it has such a vast array of benefits, this vitamin supplement should be considered for dogs of any size, age, and activity levels.

Vitamin C

Dogs are known to produce vitamin C on their own, nevertheless, supplementation can play an important role in maintaining their health. This vitamin can help reduce inflammation in the body, promote wound healing, maintain iron levels, strengthen bones, and teeth. However, high doses of these vitamin supplements for puppies can cause more harm than good. For some dogs, taking too much of this vitamin can result in forming calcium oxalate bladder stones which can cause serious urinary blockage.

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Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is responsible for the regulation of minerals, such as calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients promote the health of your dog’s bones, teeth, and muscles. Foods that have a high amount of this vitamin include egg yolks, fatty fish, beef, liver, and dairy.