Everything You Need to Know about CPAP Therapy

CPAP Therapy

The CPAP therapy is highly effective treatment for people who suffer form obstructive sleep apnea. Although obstructive sleep apnea can be treated with other remedies, the CPAP therapy is considered as the most effective solution. Other medical problems linked to obstructive sleep apnea such as high blood pressure and heart diseases, can also be effectively treated. In addition, the CPAP therapy helps those who snore a lot while sleeping.

Every CPAP therapy includes using special CPAP machines. A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine is composed of air pump, mask and a tube. The mask is attached to the tube and the tube is attached to the air pump. The mask is placed over the mouth and nose. The air pump, through the tube gently blows air into the mask. The constant airflow in the mask keeps the airway open, allowing the patient to breath properly during the night.

Doctors prescription is required for any CPAP therapy, and a technician usually brings the equipment and show the patient how to use the machine. The technician will set up and adjust the machine based on the doctor’s prescription. Improperly adjusted machine can cause stomach bloating and discomfort while breathing. Furthermore, the machine adjustment should be checked from time to time.

Although effective, the CPAP therapy can also cause side effects to some patients. It can cause dry or stuffy nose, irritated skin on the face, dry mouth and headaches. I the air in the mask is very dry, a special humidifier can be used.

Many CPAP machines and masks are available on the market, and because every patient has individual needs, a doctor will suggest a machine that will deliver the best results. Proper CPAP therapy can guarantee great results even after few days of the treatment. Patients start to notice improvements when they get up in the morning. It is common for patients to feel uncomfortable at the beginning, and usually it takes some time to get used to. But like any other type of therapy, problems can be solved with persistence and doctor’s help.