Everything You Need to Know About Fake Eyelashes

If you ask any professional makeup artist what’s the suggested way to enhance your look, most of them would say false lashes! Women around the world use fake lashes whenever they want to achieve a more dramatic makeup look without putting much effort into the use of lash primers and different types of mascara. With the use of fake lashes, your eyes get that doll-like effect and the need to use mascara is taken to the minimum. Pretty great for those of us with sensitive eyes, right?

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Fake eyelashes are the go-to makeup accessory for influencers, celebrities and common people because they’re affordable and easy to put on. You can use fake lashes for special occasions, birthdays and celebration as well as for everyday use whenever you want to accentuate your eyes enhancing your look. In just a few second you can have fancy and fluffy eyelashes that turn heads around and you can take on the day full of confidence. 

Do you want to try the magical effect a nice pair of lashes can have on yourself? Here’s everything you need to know! 

The Choice of Lash Material Matters Big Time

Fake lashes can be made out of different materials depending on the brand you’re buying from. You can get natural lashes or synthetic ones if you love cruelty-free cosmetics. All in all, you have three main types to choose from: silk, mink and synthetic lashes.

Silk Falsies

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Silk fake eyelashes are made of a synthetic fibre called PBT or polybutylene terephthalate. They’re lightweight, extremely fine and thin. With this comes better flexibility and a more natural look. They are soft to touch and available in a variety of curls and lengths so you can find the perfect silk fake eyelashes for the exact look you want to achieve. 

Silk fake eyelashes are made with comfort in mind, so don’t worry about feeling your lids heavy or any other discomfort. The best thing about silk eyelash extensions is that they’re cruelty-free and vegan, meaning that they’re the perfect product for any type of person.

You can easily apply mascara on top of silk lashes if you want the lashes to pop and look thicker. But beware to always choose mascara made specifically for the use with silk fake lashes and nothing oil-based that may damage them.

Mink Falsies

Mink lashes on the other hand are made from natural mink fur. Mink fur is really soft and fluffy and very similar to natural human lashes. The end result is a pair of high-quality lightweight lashes that can be reused many times.

Faux Mink Alternatives 

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Then again, if you want a cruelty-free and vegan version of the mink lashes you can try faux mink lashes. They’re made out of synthetic fibres similar to the silk lash extensions but they intend to mimic the quality, softness and natural feel of the original mink lashes. That’s why next-generation faux mink fibres are being used so that you get that beautiful full glam feathery lash look without any cruelty to animals.

Synthetic Lashes 

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Synthetic lashes are made from polished acrylic material and are the firmest and stiffest out of all three types. They have a specific shine and offer you a more dramatic look, but the thickness can be adjusted if you’re aiming for more of a natural look instead. The downside of the synthetic lashes is that they’re heavier, not that comfortable and difficult to keep in place.   

No matter the type, lash manufacturers have developed cutting edge, hand-crafting techniques in order to produce synthetic, silk and faux mink lashes that provide you with a natural 3D lash look.

How to Take Care of Your Falsies So They Can Last Longer 

Fake lashes are known to last for quite some time with proper use and care. For instance, you can expect a pair of fake silk lashes to last up to 20 uses give or take, which is not bad at all. But you have to be extra careful how you’re applying falsies and how you take them off. Fake eyelashes are delicate and can easily tear if you apply too much force. Use only your fingertips while removing them and start from the outer edge of the eyelid.

It’s well-known that you need glue to attach the fake lashes into place. After use, you need to remove the leftover glue and clean the fake lashes with micellar water or a similar product for makeup removal. The proper way to do it is to soak two cotton balls with the solution and place the lash between them and leave it for 30 seconds. That way the leftover mascara and residue is softened and you avoid damaging the lashes while cleaning them. Remember to always use gentle strikes.

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Soaking the fake eyelashes in water is not recommended since it may affect their shape. And make sure they’re completely dry before putting them back in their box.

It’s best to store the clean lashes in a box that can hold their shape in order to avoid any distortions. Usually, the best option is the box they came in. Plus it’s easier to carry them around if you’re going on a vacation or store them in the case with other makeup products without risking damage. Make sure that the box is closed tightly in order to prevent dust, dirt or moisture to affect your fake lashes.