Everything You Need To Know About Self Loading Concrete Mixer


Many different types and models of concrete mixing machines can be found on the market, from small portable concrete mixers to large concrete mixer trucks. Every model has own advantages and disadvantages, unique specifications and configurations. Depending on the size of the project, different concrete mixing machines are needed. But, the construction industry needs a mixing machine that is compact and powerful enough to mix large quantities of cement and aggregates, while at the same time cost-effective, fast and efficient.

One particular concrete mixing machine widely used today in the construction industry around the world is the self loading concrete mixer truck. The self loading concrete mixer is a stand alone machine that is capable of completing any concrete mixing task requiring just one person to operate the machine. It is a highly maneuverable off highway and all-terrain machine used in various applications such as: canals, residential and commercial buildings, urban infrastructure, industrial structures and many other construction applications.

The self loading concrete mixer truck is a multi-functional machine capable to self load the necessary concrete ingredients, mix them, transport and discharge the concrete where it is needed. Most self loading concrete mixer trucks come with four wheel drive system which provides high traction and enables the machine to work even in the softest clay conditions. The self loading concrete mixer has a hydraulic driven drum that offers high rotation for more effective mixing operation. The drum of the machine can be also lifted for fast and effective discharge of the concrete once it is ready. At the back, the self loading concrete mixer has a metal bucket that is used for loading the drum with the necessary concrete ingredients. The operator in the cabin of the truck controls the loading and the mixing operations, the speed of the drum, and the direction of the drum rotation.

Easy operation is one of the key features of the self loading concrete mixer. The operator of the truck takes care of the loading and bucket operation with single joystick controls. The working principle of the self loading concrete mixer is quite simple. Cement is first manually placed in the bucket of the mixer, and then the water is added to the drum. The machine is able to collect sand and aggregates through its unique bucket loading operation. The bucket of the self loading concrete mixer loads the rotating drum in a quick and efficient manner. The high speed rotating drum ensures homogeneous mixing of concrete which can be transported easily where it is needed. This way the self loading concrete mixer truck eliminates the cost for extra labour and the cost for concrete transportation.

The self loading concrete mixer is surprisingly a very mobile machine. It can be easily loaded on big trucks and transported to various construction sites. These are some of the reasons why the self loading concrete mixer finds extensive use in various construction projects like buildings and apartments, canals and waterdams, roads and kerbs, industrial and process plants, urban infrastructure, drains and culverts, windmill foundations and many other construction projects and applications.

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