Explore Faith With The Book Every Day With Jesus

Packed with life-changing events, the book Every Day With Jesus will fill your heart with love; it will inspire you to live in victory, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in; and will open you heart to receive God’s mercy and understand what does it mean to be a true Christian.

This special edition of YP’s was created specifically for young people who are new to Christian faith. Every Day With Jesus is a 30-day devotional booklet which will help you understand the meaning of Christianity. It will help you feel victorious. Simply put, if you are new to Christianity, this extraordinary book Every Day With Jesus is a perfect way to discover the true meaning of God.


Published in 1996 by CWR (Crusade For World Revival), book Every Day With Jesus was created by Selwyn Hughes, a Welsh Christian minister widely known for his Christian books (over fifty). He is also the founder of the CWR. Hughes decided to write the book Every Day With Jesus to show God’s mercy and teach young people how it looks to spend time with God. Christianity and God is something completely new to children, so this booklet is the ideal way for young people to understand what it means to have faith and believe in God and to feel safe and free.

How many times have you asked yourself about God? And, how many times have you been in an awkward position about not being able to answer simple questions about Christianity? Just like you, many other people have experienced the same thing. Every Day With Jesus is a book specially created for those who are exploring their faith for the first time. By reading this book, you will be able to understand God and His grace. This book will make you understand Christianity and will make you feel confident in answering those “awkward” questions.

Discover how faith can enlighten your heart and make positive changes in your life. The faith and belief in God and His mercies will give you the strength to achieve impossible things. The intention of Selwyn Hughes was to let a little light in the souls of all people who are exploring their religion. And he has succeeded.

Every Day With Jesus is a book that will help you discover and love God, find your faith and share love, peace and personal experiences with your friends. It is a colourful booklet, a brief summary of the Holly Bible, filled with advice, positive thinking and hope.