Few Things You May Not Know About Antiques

Antiques are timeless and classic pieces of art that go perfectly with any home style. With the so many different styles, colors, patterns and shapes available on the market, there are many reliable antique shops, which offer rare antiques that can match any person’s style and taste. Why not revive your home with amazing antique pieces of art. Combining styles and historical periods is acceptable. In fact, it is the latest home decorating trend. Therefore, do not be afraid to match modern with traditional as it will create a unique style.
AntiquesBefore purchasing an antique piece from a reputable Melbourne antique shop, make sure it will fit in perfectly in your home. Nowadays, there are a number of Melbourne antique stores, but there are also many reputable online available antique shops where you can find amazing rare antiques on sale. In case you are not sure where to buy from, ask around or read customer reviews online and find a reliable Melbourne antique shop. However, if you are an antique collector, you most certainly know how important is to buy from reputable antique shops that offer unique antique piece. You probably know how to match and mix different antique styles and periods. And you certainly know how to appraise certain antiques. But, regardless of how much you are into antiques, you probably do not know everything about them. Take a look at some of the most interesting facts about antiques

  • It is believed that Thomas Mulninert’s furniture pieces are the oldest antiques in the US. This American cabinet maker created furniture in the colony of New Haven (second largest city in the state of Connecticut today) between 1639 and 1650.
  • Humans began creating furniture once they started settling in homes. The earliest furniture was very primitive and functionality was the main feature. With time, the importance of the appearance of furniture grew which is why people started decorating it. More refined furniture was only for wealthy and aristocrats.
  • The most ancient existing firearm in the world dates to the late 13th century. It was found in China where gunpowder was used 700 years before the western world discover it.
  • The first handheld firearms did not have triggers. They worked like cannons with loading done from the front part. The firing was done by using a fuse to the back of the weapon.
  • The silver soup serving dish was first used in France, in the early 18th century.
  • A true antique collector will always choose a wooden antique piece with the rich patina which is the result of the daily use.
  • First spoons were used by Romans, but quickly became unpopular until the Middle Ages when Europeans began using them again.
  •  First spoon sets were probably made in the late 17th century.
  • Only Apostle spoons were made in sets of 13. Each set came with 12 spoons representing Apostles, and a 13th spoon which represented Jesus Christ. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find one complete set of Apostle spoons.
  • Clocks are No.1 antique collectibles.

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