Few Words about Australian Sparkling wine

Regardless of the fact that sparkling wine represents a small portion of wine industry in Australia, Australian sparkling wine has a great potential and a high place when it comes to consumer’s preferences and emerging markets.


Moreover, winemakers are on a voyage to gaining a better understanding of the importance of the different styles of Australian sparkling wine. This is mainly due to the fact that sparkling wine producers realized that they will benefit more if they do a customer-based research and keep on tailoring the style in order to meet consumers’ needs and expectations as much as possible. The knowledge generated from the research on preference will allow the development of even better quality.

Sparkling wines are known to have the same health benefits as red wines, because bubbly wine is usually made with both red and white grapes. Even more so, a glass of sparkling wine contains less calories than red or white wine, namely 80 calories per glass vs. around 120 calories a glass of red wine typically has.

Around 1/4 of the adults in Australia consume certain type of sparkling wine on a daily basis. Although Champagne is consumed by not so small a portion of Australians, it is kept as an option for more formal occasions. This can be a beneficial factor for Australian sparkling wine, for it is a product viewed as a high quality rival to wines such as New Zealand sparkling wine, Italian Prosecco and Cava.

Sparkling white wine


Australian sparkling white wine ranges from everyday fruity to true classics. The cool regions of Australia are accountable for the amazing, high quality sparkling white wine, naming Tasmania, Adelaide Hills and Yarra Valley as the best ones.

Australian sparkling white wine is meant to be devoured all year round, however it surely adds more spark to special events and parties. Food wise, it can be paired with just about any dish, although mostly with seafood and tapas.

Sparkling red wine


Sparkling red wine is a prominent Australian uniqueness. Starting from the 1860’s and generally made from the Shiraz grape, it’s been flourishing the dining tables of Aussies ever since as an extremely fun wine. It is a part from Australian tradition, especially around Christmas. This truly is a kind of wine that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Some people claim this type of wine to be their favourite and who could blame them? The bubbly, red, unique chilling sensation is sure to be admired by many, especially since you can find sparkling Shiraz and Merlot for less that $25.