Fishing Tips That Every Beginner Should Know

If you think going fishing means you can just put your sweatpants and running shoes on, take the rod, sit on the shore on a small chair and just wait for the fish to catch the bait, then you are terribly wrong and up for a big disappointment; you’ll find fishing dull and fish will not come to you. Fishing is an activity some people see as sport, and others as relaxation. Either way, there are rules to be followed if you want to enjoy the actual fishing experience. Meaning: clothing transformation and full equipment.


A great example of what I am talking about is the scene from the cit-com series “Scandal”, when Rowan Pope, a man of high position running around town in his fancy Armani suit in a black Mercedes, takes a break and goes fishing. If you pay enough attention to the details, that scene is something like a basic tutorial about fishing tips for beginners with the sole purpose of having the perfect fishing experience:

1. Fishing equipment

Now Rowan was on the shore for thinking and relaxing rather than for actual fishing, but he still had all the equipment perfectly arranged in boxes by his side. Make sure you do not forget:

  • The rod – have one which you would use, which is your main asset. This one should be of high quality and durable.
  • Reel – this one especially needs to have a sturdy construction, be of high quality and functional.
  • Line – you will need a few spools of line, just in case.
  • Knives, pliers for releasing fish hooks from the mouth, a fishing net for scooping the fish, an ice chest to place the fish in, and a tape measure to measure your catch.
  • Basic elements such as: hooks, sinkers, corks and artificial lures.

A tip : always have a backup of everything from your equipment. You do not want to spoil your fishing trip because of a broken rod or a dysfunctional reel. You do not need to get the most expensive backup items, just make sure they are in a good shape.

2. Clothing

As I said, fishing in your sweatpants is a big NO. Rowan shows just how any men should transform from an urban member of society to a real benchmark fisherman:

  • A hat – depending on the season you are going fishing, you can choose a baseball hat for sun protection, or a beanie to protect you from the cold. Either way, do not leave your home without a hat.
  • The vest – this is the most important piece of clothing for fishermen. The fishing vest is designed with a lot of pockets so that small pieces like baits and hooks can be carried with you at all times. Plus, these are made of pleasant material so they’re perfect for either warm or cold weather.
  • Pants – make sure they are long. There are insects that could cause you great trouble if they touch your skin.
  • Socks, shoes and waders – have an extra pair of shoes with you in case you get wet. Waders are a must because at some point you are going to need to enter the water. And of course, have an extra pair of socks with you.

Now this movie scene is quite the inspiration for beginners in fishing, but for actual instructions and advice on the matter, it is best to search for online videos on fishing tips for beginners; when you have everything carefully explained in details, it is a lot more easier to catch on. So fishermen, arm yourself with all the essentials, gather some knowledge and show your capabilities with the rod!