Ford Ranger Tray Canopies 101

If you own a 2012 or later T6/PX Ford Ranger, then you already know that they’re one of the most highly regarded dual-cab utes in their class. It’s no surprise then that these 100% Aussie-inspired utes also make great platforms for all types of tray and canopy setups for tradies, overlanders, or just regular commuters who’d like a secure cargo space.

You can’t help but be impressed with the selection of trays, canopies, and toolboxes there are to choose from. And when you add in other accessories like roof racks, spare wheel carriers, and jerry can holders, it’s easy to see why the sky’s the limit when it comes to outfitting them.

With so many canopy and toolbox combinations though, the sheer number of possible configurations can be overwhelming, and that’s before you’ve even factored in features like lighting, wiring, or central locking. Fortunately, there are turnkey canopy solutions available that take the guesswork out of canopy arrangements. You can order a fully integrated setup today, install it an afternoon, and it’s going to fit and perform just as flawlessly as if it came from the factory.

Ranger Canopy Packages for all Contingencies

Let’s be honest: while plenty of ute owners enjoy browsing through long lists of canopy accessories, most just want a reliable, no-headaches setup that lets them stay focused on their real jobs. And that’s precisely what a ready-to-install, custom designed Ford Ranger canopy package is going to give you: a complete suite of precisely matched and wired tray and canopy components that have already been optimized for the campsite or the jobsite.

ford ranger canopy

These heavy duty, custom Ford Ranger tray and canopy combinations are direct replacements for your vehicle’s factory tub. The trays bolt straight to the chassis; and together with canopy packages that have been outfitted for any on road or off road contingency, they make upgrading your Ranger as effective as it is straightforward.

In every respect, these solutions showcase superior engineering and construction from the bottom up. And it’s no coincidence that starting from the bottom means starting with the Ranger’s tray.

Ranger Tray Package Features

Every custom Ford Ranger tray and canopy package begins with a tray made with the lightest and most durable material possible: aluminium. Weighing between 100kg and 150kg, these 3.5mm thick checker-plate deck trays are supported by 5mm TIG-welded C-channel main and RHS sub-frame tubing, and are available in 1600mm and 1800mm lengths.

ford ranger gear

These high quality trays also come with standard features that include:

·   Integrated headboards;

·   Standard, or flared width mudguards;

·   LED taillights and license plate lights;

·   Under tray toolboxes and trundle drawers; and,

·   32mm rope ties down tubes.

With their unique tapered styling and rust resistant construction, these sturdy trays provide the kind of backbone that a Ford Ranger custom tray and canopy combination has to have. It’s the engineering of these custom canopy packages however that makes them so distinctive. Each one consists of components that are designed to fit and work together perfectly on the Ranger; the result of which is a core of no-nonsense solutions that you can count on to do the job you need them to do.

Going Off Road with the W1 Package

The W1 package is the weekend workhorse of Ford Ranger dual cab tray and canopy designs. These extra rugged packages are built exclusively on longer 1800mm trays to ensure that you have everything you need to stay fully stocked, provisioned, and prepared whenever you’re off roading, camping, or hunting.

ford ranger w1 package

A water and dust proof 1600mm, TIG-welded, 2.5mm flat plate aluminium Ford Ranger canopy is the W1’s starting point, and it’s outfitted with all the internal wiring, shelving, and accommodations for fridges, pantries, and other commodities you’d need when you’re spending time off the grid. On the outside however, the W1 boasts all the standard features to sustain that time off the grid, including:

·   A ¼-partioned sectional dog box;

·   Twin roof rack bars;

·   A spare wheel carrier;

·   A roof ladder; and,

·   A jerry can holder.  

The W1 Ford Ranger ute tray and canopy package is the most serious solution available for outdoorsmen or anyone who spends any significant time off the road. And you can even have the W1 with or without rear sensor relocation, or in black or white power coating.

Beating the Pavement with the S2 Package

For T6 owners who want a tough, carry-all solution that’s good for both work and recreation, the S2 Ford Ranger aluminium tray and canopy package covers all the bases. These dual cab packages only come with compact 1600mm trays; they help make navigating through tighter urban confines easier, but without sacrificing any full-sized durability.

ford ranger s2 package

The S2’s 2.5mm thick, 1400mm flat plate canopy possesses all the reinforced bracing and TIG-welded strength of the W1 package, but these Ranger canopies feature an open compartment and two doors. Without any restrictive internal partitioning though, these canopies are ideal for:

·   Unusual varieties of storage boxes;

·   Luggage, packages, or groceries; and,

·   Large hobby or recreational equipment.

S2 Ranger tray and canopy packages also include optional rear sensor relocation and power coating. They even provide enough room behind the canopy for optional spare wheels, jerry can holders, or any other accessories you’d like to add to the tail of the tray.

Ready for Work with the S13 Package

If you’re looking for the ultimate Ford Ranger aluminium tray and canopy solution for tradies, then you don’t need to look any further than the S13 package. With its 1800mm tray and 1800mm canopy, the S13 makes no qualms about its carrying capacity, or the fact that it’s intended for the oversized payloads that tradies, chippies, and other craftsmen typically find themselves hauling.

ford ranger s13 package

The S13’s still offers the same secure, and water and dust proof environment protection that the other Ford Ranger canopies and packages do, but with three doors instead of two, they offer access from all sides. It makes them ideal for fit outs that include:

·   Multi-shelved storage and toolboxes;

·   Mobile equipment workstations; and,

·   Extra-length roof rack storage.

And like the W1 and S2 options, S13 custom Ranger tray packages are also available with or without optional rear sensor relocation, and power coating. They’re the definitive solution for professionals who need their utes to handle big jobs, without having to make a big deal over how to configure them.

The Final Word

Choosing a custom designed Ford Ranger canopy package relieves you of the arduous process of having to sort through literally hundreds of tray and canopy combinations. You get the right base combination immediately, and you can always add to it to increase its flexibility even further. It’s the best way to ensure that when you’re ready to get busy, your Ranger’s going to be ready to keep up with you.

ute tray canopy

At the end of the day, Rangers are indisputably one of the most versatile and capable mid-sized platforms every built. They do everything well, which is why they make such fantastic platforms for work and play. The trick, however, is to getting them outfitted as effectively as possible for either, so that you can spend more time doing what you need to do.