From Drab to Fab: 5 Simple Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Bedroom

Whether modern, contemporary, rustic, boho, traditional, or eclectic, your bedroom can be a place that bridges comfort and rest with an inviting space that shows off your personality and design style. If you like your current bedroom but still you feel like it gets a little boring and lacks personality, there are some simple ways to elevate its look and turn it into a real haven.

Invest in a Quality Dresser

Bedroom dresser

After the bed, the dresser is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. From providing storage to becoming the focal point for the décor, this element does it all. That’s why it’s important to pick a premium bedroom dresser that is made to last.

When narrowing down your options, you will see that there are different types available. The standard type is the most common design that goes well with almost any décor you choose. It extends horizontally, keeping the height low. This leaves space for mounting a mirror at the top or on the wall left bare above it, making it ideal for dressing.

Vertical bedroom dressers, on the other hand, stretch vertically, with a single or at most a double stack of drawers reaching up. This narrow width allows this dresser to fit into enclosed spaces, such as a corner of your bedroom. Those who look for something where they can store small items, like electronics or photo albums, will require a combo dresser for a bedroom.

It comes with both doors and various drawers. Not only does this save space in your bedroom that would otherwise be occupied by another storage cabinet, but it also makes for more efficient décor. In terms of material, the most durable options so far are the ones made of solid wood.

Woods like oak will not only last a lifetime but are also aesthetically pleasing. Plus, teak and mahogany are easy to carve, which means that you can get some attractive designs on hardwood dressers for a bedroom, along with a rich grain that complements any décor style.

You should keep in mind how much storage you need before you can choose the size of dresser you will require. For instance, you can dispense with the dresser if you already have a console table with drawers or a few compact cabinets. On the other hand, you should go for the largest bedroom dresser you can accommodate if it will be the mainstay for storage.

Go Bold

There are other ways to make your bedroom stand out and give it a contemporary, dramatic look than a modern bed headboard. The colour patterns are just one of the many amazing things you can attempt. It’s important to surround yourself with the variety and amount of colour schemes that you find suitable for your bedroom, as these are personal preferences, particularly for your sleep sanctuary.

Outside of their houses, people tend to be bolder than inside of them. If you wear a lot of colour, you should have a lot of colour in your home as well. If you’re unsure about where to begin, you can consider the latest trend of black and white bedrooms or choose your favourite hues and use them across the rest of the space. Just be careful to include a few unexpected pops to avoid the room looking overly finished.

Experiment with the Wallpaper

Bedroom with wallpaper

When creating the bedroom of your dreams, don’t restrict yourself to ready-made wallpapers; instead, have fun and express your creativity. Additionally, try not to discard scraps; there are several uses for a half-rolled piece of wallpaper that is currently lying around.

If your area needs additional detail, inside doors and cupboards are excellent places to start your wallpaper journey as they will make a big impression. In a small bedroom, closets may appear to take up a lot of space, but they can be hidden if the wallpaper on the doors matches the walls. For a smooth blend, match the pattern; the more repeats, the simpler this will be.

The Key Is in the Lighting

Is there nothing more magnificent hanging from your bedroom ceiling than a lightbulb housed inside a bowl of frosted glass? Change up your dull ceiling light with something amazing. A statement ceiling light adds instant flair to your bedroom, even if you make no other changes. You’re likely to discover something you adore because there are countless styles to pick from or you can even create your pendant light. On the other hand, to provide aesthetically pleasing supplementary lighting, you can install modest wall lights near to the bed.

The Devil Is in the Details

Incorporate architectural features that are often found in living areas to give the bedroom a more intriguing vibe. For instance, sturdy wood beams that showcase a high ceiling will give a sunny, yet moody bedroom located amid the forest a modern, rustic touch.

Bedroom décor can be made more luxurious and cuddlier by the use of faux fur. It adds a touch of hygge, particularly when the weather cools. Imagine reading a few pages of a new favourite book curled up before bed with your goodnight tea and a faux fur blanket.