General Dentistry Explained

Having a perfect bright smile is definitely essential for making a good first impression. Unfortunately, not every person is born with perfect teeth. That is where general dentistry comes in. General dentistry is basically about general oral health, diagnosis, treatment and above all, prevention of various dental disorders. This area of dentistry includes wide range of procedures, from tooth fillings to dentures.

Dentistry Melbourne

Every initial visit to dentistry Melbourne clinic includes consultation and diagnostics like wax moulds, CAT scans and x-rays for replacement teeth. Dentists use all available resources to determine the real problem and its cause before they begin with proper treatments. Every general dentistry Melbourne clinic offers some or all of the following treatments.

Crowns – These are ‘caps’ or artificial teeth which are literally being fitted over damaged or broken tooth. Crowns are designed to maintain the structure of your natural tooth and to protect from further damage.

Dental Fillings – These are basically used to restore the original function of the a tooth with structural loss which is in most cases, a result of caries. Fillings are made of different materials such as amalgam, gold, porcelain, mercury and composite resin.

Root Canal Treatment – This dental procedure is needed when the ‘plup’ or tissue within a tooth becomes infected.

Bridge – This is simply said, the false tooth. It is a type of dental structure which includes artificial tooth held by crowns on both sides. The crowns are fitted over natural teeth which help keep the false tooth in place and ensure the more natural and realistic appearance.

Dental Cleaning – This is main part of basic oral hygiene. The procedure involves removal of plaque to ensure healthy teeth and prevents cavities. It is recommended to visit reputable dentistry Melbourne clinic once a year for routine dental cleaning.

Dentures – These are simply said, replacements for the missing teeth. Dentures can easily be removed – put into the mouth and taken out when needed. They look as natural teeth and require daily care routine.

Bonding – This general dentistry procedure involves the use of resin (acts as a glue) in order to glue veneers for example. It is most often used to treat damaged or stained teeth.

These are the most common general dentistry procedures offered by every reputable dentistry Melbourne clinics. This does not mean that general dentists cannot carry out a wide range of cosmetic-related procedures like cosmetic bonding, lumineers, veneers and teeth whitening.