Get Kid-Ready For The Beach This Summer


Does your travel destination this summer include abundance of white sand, turquoise water and endless fun. But with two or more kids to pack, your idea of heavenly getaway seems more like an adventure. Not sure what your kids may want or need, you’ll probably get loaded with piles of baggage and overpack. Not to make the most common mistake most parents tend to do, we piled a list of items you must pack when going to the beach with kids. Make sure you keep these items in a super-large beach bag and handy at all times.

Childrens Swimwear, Clean Clothes And Towels – When it comes to childrens swimwear, make sure you get quality ones as it is important to protect kids’ skin from the sun. If your toddler is 2 years old or younger and with pale complexion, it’s best to get a full-body surf swimsuit. Many online retailer advertize kids swimwear sale deals so you don’t have to spend big bucks. Do not forget to pack a set of clean towels as you will need them to wrap up your wet kids to keep them from shivering. Also, bring along a change of clean clothes for when you’re ready to leave the beach. Both you and your kids will appreciate sand-free car.

Sunblock, Sunglasses And Hats – Just because you took an advantage of kids swimwear sale and bought protective full-body childrens swimwear does not mean your kids will be fully protected from the sun. Make sure you butter them up with sunblock with the highest SPF (SPF 50 is recommended). Apply sunblock to the child’s whole body before putting on a swimsuit. Once done, apply additional layer on parts that will be directly exposed the the sun such as legs, feet, back of the neck and face. Make sure your kids are wearing hats for added protection. Look for hats large enough to keep the sun off of their faces. If your kids do not mind, add sunglasses to your beach bag as they are great for protecting the eyes.

Beach Umbrella – Do not leave your home without a beach umbrella. This is a must-have items regardless of how old your kids are. Umbrella will provide a nice and cool place for your kids to relax, have a snack or play without being exposed to the harmful UV rays.

Snacks And Water – Always bring finger food like cold sandwiches, snacks and water when going on a beach adventure. Swimming uses a lot of energy so your kids will surely get hungry. Make sure you have plenty of food to satisfy their hunger. Also, do not forget to bring water for both drinking and washing sand off of hands and face.

Toys – A beach adventure isn’t an adventure without water-and-sand friendly toys. Kids love to play in the sand, so bring along anything that is perfect for digging and picking up sand.

Diapers, Wipes – If your kids are still using diapers, make sure you pack diapers, wipes, cream, etc. Also, use disposable swim diapers which are made out of special absorbent material so your toddler does not pump up like a ball.

Of course do not forget to bring along trash bags (you want to keep our environment as clean as possible and set an example for your kids) and most certainly camera. You’ll definitely want to record all your kids’ adorable beach faces and fun sand and water play.


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