Get Ready to Party: How to Throw a German-Themed Celebration

If there’s any nation that knows how to have a good time, it’s certainly the Bierkeller-lovin’ Germans. Their culture is full of traditions that have been passed down through generations and they’re a great source of inspiration for modern celebrations. Any event you host with a German theme will be sure to have a unique flair and your guests are guaranteed to have an amazing time.

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How Do You Throw a German-Themed Party?

Naturally, if you want to get that authentic experience, you’ll need to think carefully about the decorations and food on offer. Each element of the party has the potential to make it special and any detail you can add will be sure to give your celebration the German flair it needs. Here are a few suggestions for how you might go about throwing an unbeatable celebration:

Make the German Flag Take Centre Stage

Party with German decoration such as flag made of balloons and table with their food

To set the tone, try and make the celebrated nation’s colours the star of your show. Hang a decorative German flag in a prominent location, such as the doorway or entrance hall. You can use a string of flags along a wall or ceiling as well, or get creative and fashion your own bunting.

The rich history of this great land is reflected in its iconic colours and it’s sure to make a stunning visual centrepiece for any party. It was first adopted in 1848 during the Weimar Republic and its three stripes represent unity, peace, and freedom. These values have left a lasting impression and make up a large part of the German identity.

As the years went by, hanging German flags became an integral part of different events held throughout the country. It’s likely to have been seen at various sports gatherings, like the 2006 Football World Cup, or at political demonstrations. It’s a way of showing support and appreciation for the collective spirit of its people.

Given its widespread use and symbolic meaning, it’s easy to see why making the German flag the focus of your party can be a great way of breathing life into the celebration. Plus, you can even find flags for sale in a variety of materials and styles, with some even coming in glittery or fluorescent designs.

You can additionally include smaller versions in the form of napkin rings and cupcake decorations, so your guests can get involved in the patriotic spirit. This can take the theme party from regular to extraordinary in no time.

Set the Scene with Traditional Music

Friends gathered around guy who is playing guitar

Of course, music is the lifeblood of any get-together and offering some German favourites is sure to get your guests in the party mood. There’s a wealth of traditional songs you can choose from, ranging from classic hits to more contemporary favourites.

You might want to pick out some of the country’s most beloved anthems, like ‘Deutschlandlied’ or ‘Die Wacht am Rhein’. You could even make a playlist of Eurovision winners, like ‘Ein bisschen Frieden’ from 1982 or Lena’s incredible success in 2010 with ‘Satellite’.

Place a Few Cheeky Decorations

Venetian Style Carnival Mask

The spirit of German culture is filled with fun and humour, with many traditions having developed throughout the years. From seasonal carnival costumes to the love of beer, there are plenty of opportunities to make your decorations a little more tongue-in-cheek.

For example, try adding some humorous signage to the walls. Jokes about beer or even a ‘Schnitzel-O-Meter’ can help create a light-hearted atmosphere. Alternatively, you can hang up some of the classic carnival masks that have been worn in the country for hundreds of years, such as the ‘Venetian’ style or a jolly clown face.

Serve Some Traditional Snacks and Drinks

Traditional Snacks and Drinks in Germany such as beer and sausage

When it comes to food and drink, German cuisine typically falls into two categories – hearty traditional dishes like sausages, dumplings and schnitzel, or the more contemporary speciality beers and gins.

You can have a bit of both with a selection of traditional dishes, like bratwurst and sauerkraut. To really fit the theme, pick up some beer steins from your local party supply store and get everyone to drink their beverages out of them.

For the drinks, there’s a wonderful variety of German beers to choose from. Try some classic Oktoberfest favourites like pilsner, lager or wheat beer. You can also experiment with a range of craft beers, or try some new fruity flavours like raspberry and elderflower.

Encourage Guests to Dress Up

Four family members wearing traditional German costumes - Dirndl and Lederhosen

Getting dressed up for a themed party is all part of the fun and helps to create an immersive atmosphere. Dressing in traditional German costumes like dirndls or lederhosen can be a fantastic way to bring out everyone’s inner Bavarian.

You can find these costumes in many different sizes and styles, so there’s plenty of scope for getting into character. To make it extra special, why not run a competition for the most authentic or creative costume?

Play Some Classic German Games

No celebration would be complete without some classic games. You can make use of the traditional costumes and beer steins by playing some drinking games, such as Flunkyball or Beer Pong. Or, for something more light-hearted, you could try some of the more traditional German games like Kubb or Schach.