Getting A Forklift License In Australia

The forklifts are described as flexible and versatile machines that can be used for many material handling tasks. But although highly efficient, the forklifts can be extremely dangerous machines if not used properly. For this reason, before using forklifts or other material handling machines, the operators in Australia need to complete a specific training program in order to get a license for operating a forklift. To be assessed as competent for operating a forklift, the operator must go through an appropriate training process that includes both practical and learning part.

After completing the training program, the operators can get either a class LF license or a class LO license:

  • Class LF – for operators who work with a powered industrial forklift truck. This license includes permission for operating a forklift truck that is equipped with a mast for lifting carriage. With this license, the operators are trained to use forklift trucks with various attachments.
  • Class LO – This class involves performing tasks such as: assembling and dissembling different loads, lifting materials and managing different carriages.


There are many companies that offer forklift operating courses in Brisbane. However, not all companies offer the same services when it comes to learning how to safely and properly use a forklift in Brisbane. If you plan to become a professional forklift operator, you need to consider the following factors when it comes to choosing a training company:

  • Get a forklift license from a certified company

As mentioned above, there are many companies that offer training programs, but not all are the same. Make sure that the company you choose is certified for forklift training programs.

  • The duration of the course The duration of the course can vary according to your needs. Most forklift Brisbane training companies offer two program types:- 1 day course – suitable for individuals who are familiar with the forklift operations to a certain point. This means that if you have been driving any kind of forklift, you will only need to learn few additional things.- 2 day course – this course is for beginners who are using a forklift for the first time.
  • Class size matters

Look for a forklift Brisbane training company that offers training courses in small size classes (maximum 10). This is important factor for the quality of the training program.

  • How does the training environment looks like Professional forklift Brisbane training companies will conduct the training program in an environment that replicates the real working environment where forklifts are used, such as warehouses or production facilities. This is the best way for preparing the future forklift operators for working in a real job site.