Glass Bodum Teapot For Best Taste

People have been drinking tea for centuries , mainly due to its healing properties. A cup of tea can help you feel more relaxed, relieve stress and provide a calm mindset. In certain countries, tea drinking is in some sense, a ritual. Having the right teapot to prepare the tea may be just as important as choosing tea. But just like choosing tea, selecting teapots can be a little tricky, since they come in different sizes, designs, styles, shapes, etc. You need to find a reliable brand you can rely on. You need Bodum.

The Danish brand has found the way to combine fashion and function in all its products what has helped it become the name for high-quality, convenience and fun. Although they provide a variety of products, from glassware to kitchen electrics, the brand is world-famous for its tea brewing technology, In fact, the glass teapot Bodum is regarded as the best on the market.


It all started in 1991when the British Tea Council asked Bodum to develop a a new, better way of tea brewing. This was the beginning of the Assam teapot. But Bodum has a lot more to offer, from a tea press, tea kettle and teapot o tableware, this brand has it all. Of course, Bodum will always be a synonym for exceptional tea brewing and enjoyable tea experience. To get the most out of your tea, trust no one but Bodum. Functional, affordable and stylish, any glass teapot Bodum is unique on its own.

Bodum Chambord Teapot – This is a great choice for all tea lovers. Whether it’s winter or summer, people who love drinking tea, need to make this multi-coloured teapot part of their kitchen arsenal. Featuring a classic chrome frame and a coloured plastic lid, the glass teapot Bodum Chambord is a cool addition in any kitchen. It has capacity of 1l standard cups and a removable BPA-free plastic bowl (infuser) to make the removing loose leaf teas and teabags easy.

Bodum Assam Tea Press – This tea press has a capacity of 11 cups and works on the same principle as (uses the same brewing system) as French coffee presses. This means that it allows a complete control over the tea steeping process. Once the steeping is completed, the silicone plunger locks the tea leaves on the bottom of the filter and blocks the access of water to tea leaves. This way, you can reuse the tea leaves few times.

Bodum Bistro Nouveau Teapot – The glass teapot Bodum Bistro Nouveau is simple, yet elegant. Tea brewing is very easy: boil water, place tea leaves in the filter, pour in hot water, let it steep for 3-4 min and press down the plunger. No need to remove the filter, hence no burned fingers, and no mess. This glass teapot Bodum features a BPA-free plastic filter, lid and handle.