Glass Fencing for a Fancy Pool Area

There are so many advantages to having a pool in the yard, something both pool owners and those who dream of having one can all agree on. Apart from the apparent summertime fun and games in the water, a pool is perfect for serving as the means to make up for more time with loved ones, organising family contests (yes, even dog swimming contests), throwing parties, as well as helping you keep your optimal well-being by providing you with the perfect exercise and relaxation.

Glass Fencing

Along with the arrangement of the pool area, however, even after you’ve built it and already had your first dips, you’re still not done with the process – the finishing touch is the fencing. Some of the reasons you’d be talked into getting a glass fence would be having an enclosed pool area, and still keeping the perfect view unobstructed. For the utmost unobstructed view, the choice to opt for is frameless fence, and for this you’d get the help of frameless glass spigots. Great news is this option is also affordable and ideal as a DIY project; all it takes is installing the spigots and fitting the tempered (slightly thicker than frame) glass into them.

Glass fencing, along with the frameless glass spigots made of stainless steel, create an optical illusion of space enlargement, and provide a timeless look that’s ever-sophisticated. The simple installation of this fencing choice can give you a sense of luxury instantly. Even if your style isn’t modern, this sort of fencing would still be the perfect match; that’s where its charm is. Not to mention the ease of maintaining and cleaning it; you wouldn’t require particular cleaning products – warm water and soap does it, and no other tools than a window washer.

This fencing would also rid you of another worry – that of sustaining chlorinated pool chemicals; it’s resistant unlike wood fencing for instance. On the plus side as well, particularly if you have kids, you can easily keep an eye on them when they’re swimming. Since kids are born artists, they love drawing and painting anywhere, on anything, so don’t think the glass fence would be an exception but it’s nothing to worry about as you can clean it in no time.

Before installing it yourself, or even hiring professionals to do so, remember to look into the rules and regulations of the government regarding this, known as AS1926.1, Australian Standard for pool safety. Don’t forget glass is almost invisible to wildlife, especially birds, so make sure you don’t keep any bird feeders around and cause any bird suicides from speedily bumping into your fence.