Good Grief Book Review

Losing someone you love or something you care for profoundly is extremely difficult. When grieving, you can experience different hard-to-deal emotions, like anger, pain, shock, depression, denial and sadness that may feel like they will never go away. All of these feelings are just a normal reaction to a significant loss.


Dealing with grief and loss can be really hard, but it is something that most people have to cope with at а certain point of their lives. Grief is a natural human reaction caused by the loss of someone or something that has been extremely important to us. Losses that usually lead to grief are: death of a loved one, break-up, job loss, divorce and retirement. At a certain stage of life, each person will experience the feelings of loss and grief, but not every person deals with these feelings in the same way.

Good Grief is a short, but powerful book written by the great Granger E. Westberg. Westberg wrote this book for people who have suffered a great loss in their life and are having difficulties in dealing with all those extremely painful feelings. Published in 1971, this incredible book has helped millions of readers to face and understand the phases through which he/she must pass and rediscover comfort and hope after a great loss.

With simple, yet powerful words, Granger E. Westberg describes what happens to us when we lose someone or something we love dearly. And we all need a better understanding of possible grief experiences in life that can overwhelm us. This incredible booklet “Good Grief” examines the stages of grief, from stage one – grief shock, to emotion, depression, physical distress, panic, guilt, anger, resistance, hope and the final 10th stage – acceptance, or simply said, the struggle to readjust to reality. All of these stages come with different types of emotions simply explained by the writer, so that the reader can easily understand why is he/she feeling blue and what should do to ease the pain.

The last stage – acceptance or facing reality, is the moment when the grieving person faces the fact that life will never be the same again and learns how to move on, while being thankful and happy for all the other good things in his/her life.

If you or someone close to you faces grief, do not wait any longer and buy this helpful Christian-teaching book. It will show you that even after losing someone you have been close with, there are still other important things in your life, worth living and fighting for.