Guarding Valour: How to Take Care of Your Medals

Medals represent service, commitment, dedication, and often bravery. No matter why those medals are awarded, they are a symbol of achievement, so they deserve meticulous care to preserve their value and be able to admire them and showcase them in your home. So, you are responsible for looking after your medals and storing them properly to ensure their longevity and keep their original look.

Storing Your Medals

medallion case with medals in it

Selecting the appropriate storage method for your medals is one of the most crucial aspects of preserving their condition and value. Proper storage protects these valuable items from dust, moisture, and oxidation, and helps them to remain in pristine condition for generations to come. So, here are some ways you can store your medals and protect them.


One of the ways to neatly store your medals is by using a protective medallion case of quality. Investing in a quality case is important because it provides a secure place for your medals and shields them from external elements that can potentially damage them. Choosing cases that are made from durable materials will not only protect but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal that comes with the significance of the awards.

One great material for medal boxes is jarrah because it’s durable, and at the same time aesthetically pleasing, so not only will it safeguard your medals, but it will also complement them and they will look even better when you show them off to your friends. Also, make sure that the interior of the cases is lined with soft materials, to prevent the medals from being scratched and from abrasions over time.

But, even though you keep them in cases, it’s just as crucial to store the cases properly, away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and light. Damp conditions will compromise the case’s structure and potentially damage it, and with that, they can also damage the medals.


Aside from the medallion case, you can also store your medals in wallets that are specifically designed for this purpose. This choice offers you greater flexibility as it’s portable and easily stored, so that when there’s a parade you can put your wallet with medals in your army jacket’s pocket and you’re ready to go. Depending on your collection of medals, you can get a bigger or smaller wallet, or you can even purchase more than one. Make sure, though, that the wallets offer sufficient cushioning so that your medals are not scratched.

Cleaning Your Medals

Bearded mature sportsman cleaning trophy cup isolated on blue

Safekeeping isn’t the only way you can protect your medals. To preserve the aesthetic appeal and the condition, you need to carefully clean them before you store them. What is the best way to clean medals? Well, you first have to understand all the potential threats that your medals might face. You also need to be very gentle while cleaning them, as well as mind not to clean them very often because you can compromise their integrity.


Excessive moisture can lead to tarnish and corrosion over time, so when you clean the medals with any type of liquid make sure to wipe them well and dry them before storing them because if they aren’t dry they can get tarnished and lose their colour. The result is the loss of the medal’s original brilliance and shine as well as that of the overall attractive appearance.


If not properly stored and wiped, moisture can also lead to corrosion. The medal will corrode which can potentially cause irreversible damage and structural weakening, leading to impossible reparation of the structure. So, lacquer the medal to prevent future corrosion and wait for 24 hours or more to dry before you store it away from moisture.


Dust is inevitable and, if your medals are out in the open, it will get to them. You can use a toothbrush and soapy water to get any dust or residue out of the crevices of the design. You need to be thorough but gentle because while it is important to remove all the dust accumulated, it’s also important to not scratch or damage the metal during this process.

Clean the Ribbon

Cleaning the ribbon is also important, but if you cannot or do not wish to take it from them the medal, you can clean it gently with a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner if your vacuum has small nozzles. Don’t wash it because most of the dyes will fade and the medal will lose its colour and appeal.

Showcasing Your Medals

woman shows her medals

You’ve earned them, so why not showcase them and brag with them? If you want to put them in a visible place in your house where everyone can see them, make sure they are properly displayed so that people can admire them as well as your display. Let’s see some ways in which you can display them.

Display Frame

You can get a display frame that complements the aesthetic of your medals and it makes them even more appealing. Make sure that the frame allows easy access to your medals when you need to wear them or clean them. This is a great and eye-catching way to showcase your achievements so that everyone can admire them.

Medal Hanger

Medal hangers are another elegant and organised method to display your accomplishments. You can find them in various designs and you can order your medals chronologically, based on significance or in a more visual way to attract attention. Some metal hangers can be customised to accommodate the number of medals you’ve earned so that there’s space for every single one of them.

Medals are a symbol of endurance and bravery, but if you don’t take care of them very well, they won’t endure the external elements that pose a threat to them. So, preserving them is important because they are a token of your bravery, and in that way you care not only of them but of your own experience, as well. Clean them and store them properly and let them be an inspiration in your family for generations to come.