Hair Extension Care & Styling

Most women have added natural hair extensions to their own hair. Maybe you think you do not know any, but surely a colleague or someone close, have extended hair. There is no other way to find out except by asking her, because when the hair extensions are human and put by a professional, there is in no way to find out that this is not her own hair.

beautiful-hair-extensionHair extensions make a change in your vision, to look better, be different and interesting, to feel beautiful and sexy at the same time.

The secret about the long, wavy, thick and shiny celebrities hair is revealed. Jessica Simpson, Jenifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera are just some of the many world’s celebrities who are regular customers at hair salons for hair hair extensions.

There are several methods of hair extensions. Some of them you can put and remove by yourself whenever you want, other hair extensions should be worn continuously without removing until you decide you want to remove them. These hair extensions can be put and remove only by a professional hair dresser, who knows how to do it.

The care and maintenance of hair extensions is not complicated. Human hair extensions are washed just as often as you wash your own hair, for example 2-3 times a week. Hair extensions should be combed regularly to avoid get tangled. Combing, blow drying, washing, using hair straighteners and curling irons, make the hair weaker, so the proper maintenance and care is required and very important.

If your hair extensions are secured with clips, this means that you can remove it and put it everytime you want, without professional help. It is recommended to remove the clip in hair extensions every night before going to bed.

girl-with-beautiful-hairThere are numerous products on the market which are intended to maintain the natural hair extensions. Which one you choose, depends on you.

Hair extensions can be styled as you want. They can be styled with hair straighteners, hair curling products, curling irons etc. The only rule in hair extensions is to be maintained as your own hair. And have one thing in mind, it is better to pay more, but once for human remy hair extensions.

The difference between human and synthetic hair extensions is enormous! The human hair extensions can be styled on the way you want and most importantly they look natural and don’t differ from your own hair. The synthetic hair extensions can not be styled with irons or other products and don’t look natural.

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