Handbag Cleaning 101

We all love our handbags (expensive or cheap) and devote time and effort in the search for finding the right design, model, size, colour and style at perfect price. Admit it, when in need of a new bag (or even when not; mostly when not), you spend hours searching the web, comparing prices, retailers, and designs of hand bags for ladies, all in the quest to find the perfect armpiece, polished and practical.

But how much of your time do you devote to ensuring it lasts a little bit longer? Your busy lifestyle may not be giving you a chance to take proper care of all the bags you own, but the thought of how much you’ve invested in them may be able to trigger the urge to do something that could extend their lifes.

Once you stop being economical with the truth and start being economical with your money, you’ll find out that sparing a minute or two to take proper care of what you already have is much wiser than neglecting to maintain one of the most important and never-goes-out-of-style accessories in the woman’s world, the handbag.

Here are some useful tips on how to properly clean and maintain hand bags for ladies.

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The Inside

The inside of a handbag speaks more for you as a person than the outside. Style and preference change and so does fashion, however, the way you maintain the inside of any kind of handbag will remain as a habit until you decide to do something about it and develop a new habit. Before it becomes one big dirty mess, make sure that you don’t put your make up in the handbag just like that. Lids fall off and we all touch the makeup items already with some makeup on our hands that got there when we applied the foundation. To avoid makeup stains, simply use a separate bag for your makeup items.

If you failed to think of this beforehand and the inside of your bag looks like a piece of contemporary fine art, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Pull out the inside of the bag and clean it with a small specialized vacuum cleaner, or with a brush. The stains can be cleaned with sponge, mild soap and warm water. Clean as much as you can, but do not expect perfect results – they only come with proper maintenance beforehand as we mentioned above.

The Outside

This is the part of the handbag we all care about mostly, right? And you’ve probably already have developed at least one simple maintenance technique that most likely works for you and the handbag looks nice. Many of us have become best friends with wet wipes, especially when it comes to leather bags and that is perfectly fine since they do clean the surface quite gently and efficiently, just be careful not to use wet wipes that contain alcohol because it can interact with the color of the bag.

The Whole

Where you keep the handbags has a lot to do with the condition in which you will find your handbags. A useful tip is to restrain from hanging them, although this may look nice and save you some much desired space, it is better to keep them somewhere in the closet, but make sure that the storage space you cleaned for them is spacious enough so that you won’t simply tuck them all together and find them with different shapes in the morning.