What You Can do With HIPS That You Can’t With Any Other Filament


If you are planning on getting or have just gotten yourself a 3D printer, then you have obviously already been introduced to filaments. Even though most of you probably know this already, for the uninitiated, the filaments are the many different types of liquid plastic materials that the printers use as a construction material to make the items that the user wants. There are many different types of filament, too many to name in fact, and all of them have their own specific traits and individual characteristics. Luckily, this means that there is certainly a kind of filament that is a perfect choice for imbuing the object you want to make with the desired characteristics that you think might be the best choice. Unluckily, the sheer number of these filaments means that we can’t cover them all, but we can still cover one of the more useful one and all of the different applications that it has.

There are various reasons why the HIPS plastic filament is the popular choice of a lot of people for a variety of different items they want to create. For example, the HIPS plastic filament is pretty light even when compared to another pretty popular plastic filament like the ABS, while still being pretty tough and giving the finished product a scratch-resistant surface. It is also very pliable even after the product is finished, and where most other filaments fall apart or become far too rigid, it can still be reworked by painting it, sanding it or even glueing it even after the final hardening process. And it also has an advantage over its counterparts because of the fact that it can be used in pretty much any printer unlike some of the more temperamental filament types.

The speed at which items made out of HIPS can be made, along with its decent machinability, and comparability with a wide range of different glues and adhesives usually makes it the first choice for many different items intended both for domestic and commercial use. It also has decent durability when it comes to impact resistance and is recyclable and non-toxic, both of which are indisputably great traits no matter what you plan to use it for.

As I have mentioned a few times now, there are a couple of very useful filaments for you to try out and choose from when it comes to their desirable characteristics and what they can offer, and the HIPS plastic filament is definitely one of the better ones both in terms of the number and the type of benefits that it has to offer.