Hire Piano Removal Company to Avoid Injury or an Expensive Repair

Back in April, me and my family moved into our new home, and while it was an exciting and fun experience which all of us were looking forward to, when D-day came, it almost went south, quickly. I had no idea that transferring all of our items, including furniture, kitchenware, clothes, beds, toys for the kids, and so on would be so problematic. But all of the aforementioned possessions were a piece of cake to move compared to our piano.

Now a little backstory: the piano is by far the most valuable possession in our home. You ask why? Because the common interest for classical music is what brought me and my wife together, and it’s the piano that has created many fond memories of my family together. Simply put, it has played a huge, important role in the bonding of my family and there was no way I was going to allow for it to be transferred recklessly and without advanced planning.

Piano Moving

Initially, I planned to call a few friends and have the piano moved on our own, but the moving company suggested that it was a bad idea. The professionals explained that it’s not all about the manpower – there are a lot of techniques involved, injuries are very likely to occur and that the piano is more than likely to be damaged in the process.

Luckily, the company that was doing the removals also had a piano removal specialists who dealt specifically with such cases. Also, the team had undergone special training in order to make this super convenient for customers. So I went ahead and asked for the specifics, and after the piano removal crew came, they gave me a thorough explanation, looked at the piano and began planning the transport.

After conducting a proper plan, the move began. They wrapped it in wrapping paper, mounted it on a trolley that had large pneumatic tyres, carefully took it out of the house and put it in one of their trucks. After everything else was packed and ready to go, we arrived at our new home, and after I gave them a few simple instructions, they placed the piano in it’s place. You wouldn’t believe the relief I felt at that moment. And when I recall that I thought about moving it myself with a couple of friends, I realize I had never been so wrong in my life.

Bottom line is, don’t attempt to move an object as valuable and huge as a piano. It’s not about the numbers or strength, it’s about the technique and experience which is why you should have trust and let a piano removal specialist do it instead of you! Your piano will be thankful and you will be stress-free and more than happy to settle in your new home.