How To Make Your Home Functional and Stylish the Scandinavian Way

Although magazines and design blogs can make you believe that Scandinavian design is unbelievably complicated and expensive, in reality it’s quite the opposite. One of the leading motives of Scandinavian designers is to make beautiful and functional interior design achievable for everyone. Literally everyone in the entire world. Even we Aussies, on the opposite end of the globe can have the convenience of purchasing furniture from an online Scandinavian homeware shop and get it delivered to our front door. If you’re ready to jump on the Scandinavian train of style, functionality and elegance, here are some guidelines on how to make it work.

Scandinavian Home

Dining Room Charm

The dining room is a great place to start implementing Scandinavian design. Scandi style furniture has the power to make any space look more inviting and warm. Switch any heavy dining chairs for lighter ones in a soft, romantic colour such as white, pale pink or pale blue. Pair them with an extendible walnut table in a light colour. And voila, you get a relaxing setting for those long family meals. For quality that will last through thousands of family gatherings, make sure to purchase dining room furniture, as well as other frequently used furniture pieces, from a certified Scandinavian homeware shop.

Living Room Comfort

As for the living room, first you need to clean away any mess and clutter. Wall-to-wall bookshelves, large and dark carpets, and anything else that takes up too much space has nothing to do in the Scandinavian living room. This style follows the less is more mantra. Instead of bulky furniture and homewares, you can try a cute shaggy rug under the coffee table, a small cabinet, seating consisting of a sofa and a couple of occasional chairs, and a few plants. Patterned upholstery or chesterfields are a big no-no. Instead, the couch should be comfortable and simple, and inevitably in a muted colour. Natural fibres are welcomed, plenty of comfy cushions as well.

A Small Amount of Useful Accessories

The accessories should be few, but above all purposeful. Some sleek copper light fixtures, a large mirror to flood the room with light, aromatherapy candles, soft cushions and throws, and of course, some tasteful wall art for variety. Because this look has a lot of pastels, introducing some contrasting homewares such as industrial lighting or a heavy metallic clock, can make the space seem more modern and edgy.

Store the Clutter Away

Smart storage solutions go hand in hand with de-cluttering the space. But don’t think of these as junk drawers to hide things away. For Scandinavians, cabinet, buffets and console tables are used to organize yourself, and reduce the number of unused or unnecessary items. Scandinavian furniture also tries to provide you with extra alternative storage space in the form dining room tables with integrated drawers, sofa beds with hidden storage units, as well as bed frames with drawers where you can keep fresh linen within close reach.