HOME THEATER FURNITURE: How To Select The Perfect TV Stand

The TV stand is one of the top favoured furniture pieces for creating a comfortable and inviting living space. This is particularly true for the huge movie fans, for whom the living room is the heart of the home.

The ingredients for the ‘perfect home entertainment’ formula are a quality large-screen TV unit and a beautiful TV stand that ideally complements the rest of the furniture. With these ingredients, your living room will transform into an awe-inspiring place that guarantees 100% comfort, joy and pleasure. In other words, the right place to be.

But, the paramount question always remains: How to choose the perfect TV stand?. Hopefully, our step-by-step guide will come in handy when shopping for your new TV stand.


Consider the Size of the TV

The size of your TV unit plays an important role in terms of width in choosing the right TV stand. You need to make sure the TV stand is as wide as the TV unit itself. This is highly important for protecting your expensive LCD TV from potential damage, which is quite likely to happen if you buy a small stand. And vice versa.

Consider the Design

TV stands set the tone of the entire living room. Your task is to choose the stand that will perfectly match your existing furniture and give it a new, refreshing look. Therefore, consider buying a TV stand that features glass, gloss and steel finish which will enhance the contemporary look of your modern interior. Or, you can go for a natural wood finish if the look of your living room reflects a blend of tradition, sophistication and elegance.

Shop Discounts

Discount TV stands are one of the amazing options you should seriously consider, as they are a great way to save a lot of cash on your and still get the design, style and above all, the quality you want. Your chances of finding quality discount TV stands are higher if you shop online. Almost all, small and large retailer chains and brands offer numerous sale discounts if you buy products online. Thus, finding discount TV stands that perfectly match the design of your living room and furniture is easier than you think.


Consider the Placement

Where exactly do you want your TV stand placed? Nestled in the corner or maybe glued against the large wall? The answer to this question will give you an idea which TV stand design and model is the right one for you. For example, corner TV stands are pretty awesome, because they make smart use of a small space. On the flip-side, if you have enough space to make your TV stand a real home-cinema empire, go for the second option.