How to Set Up Your Home Theatre for the Perfect Movie Nights

It’s the weekend, yeah! Finally, some time to kick back and watch the new Avengers movie you were so excited about. Do you want to see it, but don’t want to sit in a smelly theatre listening to people munching on popcorn loudly? Or maybe you’re tired of waiting in a long line and paying 50 dollars for popcorn, a drink and candy. Well, a home theatre projector is just what you need. Let’s see just how to set it up.

Your New Projector Project

Though we are out of the pandemic, the quarantine time inspired more people to look for ways to make their homes more cosy and useful. Buying a home theatre projector is a knock-out way to bring life to your home. 

home projector

And best of all, you don’t need separate entertainment or a basement to make use of a home theatre. With the many portable cinema projectors, you can create a realistic cinema experience wherever you want. You can even set it up in your backyard while sitting poolside

The Set Up

The options for a home theatre projector are wide. Some come with a screen, and no separate purchase of one is necessary. Buying a separate screen is recommended but not a must. A white wall can also do the job.  

A popular type of projector many homeowners go for is the so-called “ laser short throw”.  With this device, a beam fits pictures perfectly onto the screen. These do not have to be set up super far away like traditional projectors. Instead with just 2 inches from the screen, they can project onto a 228.6cm screen. The laser smart projector is the most up-to-date design. This type of projector typically has a 4k resolution. On it, you can watch a movie the way a director intended without it being overly edited. 

After you pick your projector, be sure to check the assembly instructions. These instructions will not only help with set-up but tell you how far away the projector should be from the screen for optimal viewing. 

How about the location? Many people choose to mount their projector in the ceiling as this keeps it out of the way. But be careful with this as you don’t want to put random holes in your ceiling. Remember to always mount it to a wall stud. You can find these with a tool called a stud finder. This can be purchased at any local hardware store. 

Setting it up on a shelf is easier because it is something you already have. You must be careful though that the projector has enough ventilation. Projectors emit a lot of heat. I recommend leaving them in open places.

Keep in mind a well-lit room isn’t ideal. A dark room is for the best results. You are on your way to enjoying this home theatre. 

Sound System

Most home theatre projectors do come with built-in sound. As much as they try, it still doesn’t give enough of the effect as a theatre does. That brings us to the set-up of surround sound. 

home theatre surround sound system

What is surround sound? Surround sound isn’t just high volume. Instead, it sounds coming from all angles. To pick the right speakers for your space you have to consider the size of the room. 

In a surround sound package, you have anything between 2-5 or more speakers to connect. Some of these speakers are called bookshelves, floor and ceiling. Installing these requires a bit more work, but you can find easy-to-install tutorials online. 

Speakers and subwoofers combine to create an authentic sound. They can shake the house, but only if you want them to. Technology has advanced for speakers to make a movie experience stellar.

You don’t have to buy a 5 speakers package for the movie theatre feel. Wall mount speakers are less expensive and have less to set up. Most speakers attach to the HDMI.  Like all of these pieces, it’s best to consult with the store you buy from to make sure they are compatible with your home projector. 

Receiver Set Up 

All of these pieces of technology are just little computers. For them to communicate well with each other you will need a receiver.  A receiver is where you plug everything into. The audio, video, and projector. 

Don’t be intimated by the number of outlets. Take a look at the manual that comes with it and you will know exactly what to plug in. A UPS (uninterrupted battery supply) system is great to attach all devices so that you do not have an interrupted connection. Maybe you want to use your home movie theater for games and no one wants to be seconds away from winning and losing power. 

Lights, Camera, Action 

We know when watching a movie we want to be immersed in the experience. Just as sound is important so are the lights. Too many lights in a room will make the image quality lower. Led lights can change colour and brightness with a simple click. To make an ambience of comfort and relaxation choose warmer colors. You notice the difference in how you feel while enjoying your home theatre. 

home led lights

So, Is a Home Theatre Projector for Me?

As you can see, a home theatre projector is just the right gift for your family.  Now, pick a movie and grab a snack. Relax at home by creating lasting memories and invest in a practical piece of equipment. A house isn’t a home unless the people living in it are happy. Make your house a home to enjoy for all the family for years to come.