Horse Equipment: The Most Essential Part of Horse Riding

Though you might not always be able to pursue your passions and spend idle moments just enjoying in the fun of a specific hobby, it’s more than important to find the time for relaxation. You might be thinking of a nap after reading this and that’s one way to spend a day off, but spending time with animals is equally pleasing. People have always had a connection with animals, primarily because of relying on them for survival, nowadays however, certain animals are true companions. Cats and dogs are the main furry friends, but horses have also long been part of people’s lives. Before the now well known vehicles were invented, a horse was the means of transportation and loyal friend serving in battles, like Alexander the Great’s Bucephalus, Napoleon’s Marengo and the Duke of Wellington’s Copenhagen.

Horse Equipment

Nowadays you don’t have to go to battles to be able to marvel at the beauty of these graceful creatures and make horse riding one of your favourite pastime activities. There’s more to it than meets the eye. For instance, you might have the notion the horse is getting all the part of physical effort, but it takes a great deal of balance and coordination to be able to stay put, especially at the pace of a gallop. You have to engage more strength in the arms and shoulders to keep the communication and control over the horse, while also working with your pelvic muscles and inner thighs. This means you get to have muscle toning and exercising flexibility, which makes for a perfect workout that can take over your running or aerobics sessions. On the plus side as well, you socialise with your horse whenever you go for a ride, so you form a connection based on trust and affection, thus your mental health is also positively affected.

Having the adequate equestrian bits and pieces is more than crucial for an outstanding riding experience. Kudos to you if you’ve learnt how to ride without the use of a saddle or a helmet, but the rest of us mortals rely on them for an unobstructed and painless riding experience. The horse riding attire is a significant component, especially if it has to do with competitions. However, the horses matter greatly as well, so horse equipment must also be looked into and acquired accordingly. The famous Lipizzaner horses, known for the Vienna Spanish Riding School, wouldn’t have reached such heights of fame if they weren’t handled with special care.

The choices of horse equipment are vast, so it’s good to make a list of the things you require before you do the purchase. Reins, bridle and stirrups will surely be top priority along with the saddle and helmet. Since there are different types of bridles, the one you choose has to be comfortable for your horse because it’s a mouthpiece. Measuring up your horse will help you when you’re on the quest for a girth and a blanket for instance. Grooming accessories are bare necessities to say the least if you want your horse to look its best at all times and in case you have to be dealing with training, you must select the right dressage pieces.

The health and well-being of the horse are what matters most, so it’s always advisable to equip yourself with the required supplements, vitamins and therapeutical accessories, such as magnetic hoof and knee boots and ice gels. The investment you make will more than pay off in the long term life of the horse and ensure your horse riding enjoyment.