How Can Crawler Cranes Increase Your Productivity

A crawler crane is a large track-vehicle with an attached crane and is one of the most efficient lifting machines, especially on soft surfaces. As the tracks of crawler cranes provide weight dispersal, the crawler crane is more stable and able to lift heavier weight than the wheeled cranes of the same size. The crawler cranes for sale can operate even on soft and uneven grounds, as they are known for slow and steady moving (crawling) and not sinking in as wheeled cranes.


A typical crawler crane for sale usually has wide steel tracks as a solid base for the crane, to increase the ground contact and allow easier maneuverability on job sites. The engine, an operator’s cabin and a control area are located on the top of the tracks of the crane, while the boom which can extend up to many meters in height, stretches above the crane. The boom of crawler cranes comes with cables for attaching the loads, but there are crawler cranes for sale with extended booms which are able to stick horizontally. The attachment that extends the boom is called a jib, and allows the loads to be lifted and moved at a distance from the center of the crawler crane.

The crawler crane is one of the largest cranes and if you work on larger job site, it can increase your productivity and efficiency significantly. It is able to lift hundreds of tons of weight, allowed by the attached counterweights that weight tons. Most crawler cranes for sale need to be completely disassembled and all the parts transported from one job site to another by other vehicle. The dismantling process usually requires a crew of few workers, one or more smaller cranes and it can take up to 20 hours. It may be very expensive to pay for labor and transportation, but if you are lifting and moving very heavy objects on a daily basis, the crawler crane for sale might be the smartest investment you can make.

One main benefit of the crawler crane is its ability to lift and move extremely heavy loads to incredible heights, easily maneuver when loaded and lower them accurately into place. The load and reach capacity of any crawler crane make this lifting machine very useful which is why many popular crane manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of sizes. From small 70 tons cranes up to about 1000 tons powerful performers, there is a crawler crane for sale for every application.

Maybe a bit expensive, but capable to allow the operators with lifting of extremely heavy loads at incredible heights, the crawler cranes for sale are widely available online and can be purchased from anywhere around the world. The crawler cranes are investment that can save you precious time and money in a long run.

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